MoD Cant Stop Medal Walting

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Gas Gas Gas, Nov 3, 2007.

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  1. As part of the Legion of Waltiersmen topics there was various discussions about various individuals wearing medals to which they are not entitled. Wearing my "Angry of Arrse" head :x I dropped a line to my MP 13Sep07;

    He has forwarded me the reply he received from Derek Twigg, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the MoD;

    No real surprise there I suppose.
  2. I thought it was a well reasoned reply. What do you want the Government to do....... shoot the offending persons? It's not a crime as the reply points out. If these individuals want to walt it, let them. No skin off my nose anyway. They're sad fuckers that's all.
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  3. They should make it against the law as it is in Aus! String the fu**ers up, scum bags.
  4. I suppose then that responsibility for taking Walts to task devolves on us.
    We have the ARRSE website, we have the members and all their contacts, we have a press which though supposedly free prostitutes itself willingly. As long as we remain within the law I see no real problems.
  5. Throwing fag butts in the road is against the law but it doesn't deter anybody from doing it.
  6. You are right FJ - but what if I wear fag butts on my manly left breast and at the same time shout "Hurrah for Formulas One!" Will I then be guilty of a crime?

  7. Sad indeed. I was under the impression that there was legislation about impersonating Service personnel and therefore wondered if there was any protection of medals etc.

    (I had meant to also mention non-veteran Walts wearing medals but I forgot.)
  8. Considering it is not illegal to hire out a military costume for fancy dress it would be hard to get a conviction. Medals are only 'protected' to an individual whilst he is still serving as they are MoD property until he leaves the forces.
  9. There is a difference between fancy dress and impersonation. You can probably go as a copper to your New Year's Eve party but walking up the high street going "evening all" is another thing.
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  10. True. But a person wearing medals he is not entitled to could just plead ignorance which in itself is not a crime.

    "I'm sorry officer. I was wearing the medals for an old friend out of respect for him".

    The law would find it impossible to prove that the wearer was trying to deceive and TBH Police Officers have got better things to do then chase walts.
  11. Yeah, policing playgrounds and questioning clergymen about possible racist/homophobic beliefs. If medal walting was an offence I'm sure that genuine veterans would be on the lookout. As things stand ARRSE et al seems to be a useful means of outing Walts one way or the other.
  12. elsewhere, things are done a bit differently:
    to wit -

    guy larged up his military service [he had been discharged ' less than honourable ' ] and claimed more Silver Star medals than Audey Murphy won..the courts gave him 34 months in the slammer. Bought the ' blong' on E-bay.. an all too easy and familiar route these days.. Something surely can be done to shut that route down??

    as long as they get outed and slapped down..Maybe there's a ' reality show' in this?

    Dog, the Walt Hunter?
  13. Make the Walts serve at least the amount of time in prison that their medals represent, if not double.

    Say for example a walt wears a GSM NI, claiming a 2 year tour, a NATO medal claiming a 6 month tour, and a QGJM for 5 years service, add that up and make him serve that long in prison at least.

    I fact double it, because he would had to have done training, etc, etc in real service, to have earned those medals.

    I feckin hate Walts. Any medals I have represent a considerable amount of hard work on my part and to think some fat civvy cnut thinks he can be the equal of me by buying them on ebay?

    I think not, and anyone acting in such a manner, you better hope I am not on to you, as I am evil and will have some amount of fun ruining your excuse for a life.
  14. <<<unless an individual is caught wearing decorations or medals for gallant service with intent to defraud, the Police cannot take any action.>>

    This is the relevant bit in the reply. I'm afraid even were it made illegal there are simply not enough police available to enforce it. Thinking on it, I think I would rather a walt parade on rememberance day with medals he's not entitled to than have the day spoiled by the police making a big thing about who is and who isn't entitled to the medals they are wearing.
  15. The wearing of medals unearnt is hardly a crime, its just sad.

    If some sad fcuker feels the need to big himself by pretending to be something he isn't let him crack on and laugh at his lack of self pride and small penis, mock the chip on his shoulder and embarass him.

    Thats surely more satisfying?

    Its only the hardcore walts who take money, con or blag their way into peoples trust and defraud that should be prosectuted, no sad Stevo mcsad from Sad Street with his Plastic VC and MBE.......

    Are football fans who wear the shirts of the team they support not walts?