MOD Buys Artwork

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rab_C, Jan 2, 2008.

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  1. So nice that the MOD can still find time to appreciate the finer things in life despite all the pressure they must be under. :roll:
  2. The artwork is very nice, i see it every day when i come in, but seriously are you suprised. I was here during the entire refurb of puzzle palace and if your shocked by the artwork, £1000 chairs and all the shiny plasma's it was worse than that
    The Italian granite floor in Main building is the second one not the first ( first one they did not like the colour). All thrown in the skips
    All the ducting for the building arrived and was the wrong size (skipped and replaced)
    The very nice and expensive paint (skipped wrong shade)
    The origanal plasma tellys (cut up and skipped).

    So the MOD has got wasting money on Shite down to a fine art (no Pun).

    My £1000 chair is comfortable though.
  3. Good grief you'll be expecting them to partake of instant coffee and use tea bags next?
    In my opinion the CS deserve all the perks they can get, a little soothing/inspiring/total bollix artwork on the wall is the very least the Taxpayer should be expected to pay for.
    I find it deeply distressing that others, who admittedly face more danger than the occasional paper cut, should denigrate this fine body of men and women(Munters?!).
    Oh, excuse me those nice men in the white coats are coming down the path again.

    Unfortunately not at all surprised.
  4. There is a great little book called 'Parkinson's Law' that explains all of this. Most people have heard of his first law- that work expands to fill the time available- but he has others. For example, here is his law of meetings:

    "The time spent in a meeting on an item is inversely propotional to its value (up to a limit)."

    This requires a little explination. Consider a typical meeting for middle management. The first item on the agenda is approval of costs for a new nuclear submarine (or expensive painting). Its going to cost £10 billion, but nobody in the meeting really understands much about nuclear submarines and can't visualise that amount of money. Besides which some other department has probably gone through all the details. One guy at the meetings has heard something about nuclear power being dangerous, but doesn't really understand and frankly doesn't want to be in the meeting anyway so he says nothing. Another, who was at Staff College with a submariner (but has no specialist knowledge) puts forward an opinion. Everyone else is happy to take his advice, and nobody disagrees. The procurement will take 15 years, so it is not as if their little meeting will make any difference anyway.

    The next item on the agenda is a bike shed for the staff. This is only going to cost £500 but provokes a lot more interest. People understand bike sheds and the issues involved, e.g. what design? who should build it? where should it be located? which department is going to fund it? Everyone has an opinion. All of these issues need to be discussed and so it takes a long time to resolve.

    There is a limit to this of course, this is when the amount concerned is trivially small. Probably about £20, or the amount the executives would be prepared to give to charity.
  5. Couldn't they have resold this stuff and recouped some of the losses?

    The paint could have been used on quarters at least.

    ANd the Plasmas could have been deployed as op welfare packages, or sold off if people wanted to make a reasonable offer. (Say 50%).

    Ducting? Ship it to Blandford for Trade Training, or ship it to the Inst Tps they could probably use it for real time fits.
  6. Why not raid the National Art Collection - I thought that one of its uses is to adorn Government offices. However I suspect an old master or two on the wall would not be Cool Britannia and would present the wrong corporate image!
  8. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Having spent a day being spoken to by the MOD Procurement Team nothing suprises me, including the price they pay for plasma screens. They pay over the odds for everything they purchase. If the rest of the public sector followed their example we would be in even bigger crap. The bigger the budget, the bigger the waste.
  9. The various Regimental stock many pictures that could be used for adorning the walls of the War Office, er, I mean the MoD.
  10. IIRC the 4 pictures were bought to look pretty on the main walls entering MB as the final part of the refurbishment, when MOD sold its soul to the private sector. The costs would have been factored in to to the overall refit cost of MB rather than representing a special stand alone procurement. The same applies to the other costs for the plasma screen TV's and so on, all of which were included in the refit bill. Also remember that DT is quoting the list price for a single buy, rather than the significant discount which is applied to large bulk buys. Of course I'm sure the CS then went and bought the "cheap nasty painful" seats for all the poor opressed forces personnel who work in MB - even though half of them make up the workforce there.

    Do they work? Hard to tell - however I vividly remember on 7/7 watching a lot of very senior (multi Stars) officers watching said plasma screens trying to see what was going on, so they do serve a purpose. Its also not the MOD with the thing about Plasma screens - I remember a posting where the CO of a useful, but not critical unit came into power and the first thing he did was a put a plasma screen in his office - despite having no use for it.
  11. From a review of the artists work:

    "Stand in front of one of Cattrell's airy expanses, so vast, so ethereal, and you feel the thrilling rush of being flung into the void like a bird taking flight. Often, you have no idea where you stand as viewer in relation to the sky. Are you looking up at it, or down upon it as though from a high mountain top? Are you airborne within it like a plane or a cloud? The conventions of landscape painting have all but been abolished to create this mysterious sensation of aerial freedom".

    Sounds like pretentious dogshyte to me. Looking at the works, it appears that the artist has had a spraygun implanted in her arrse, then went on a giant absinthe bender. Just my opinion I may add....
  12. Now perhaps some our resident apologists and Guardianistas might begin to understand why the uniformed services are sometimes just a tiny bit rude about the Great Oxymoron?
  13. big piccys of our brave lads in one corner and a pile of enemy dead in the other job done :twisted:
    and if it offends former enemies all the better
  14. Using photos/sketches/paintings posted here occasionally (I'm referring to the military images not the zeppelin race contributions) would be just as good if not better.