MoD 'breaches Military Covenant' with £250 million allowance cuts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dave8307, Jan 21, 2011.

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  1. Are you really that surprised by this?
  2. Hmm, allowances paid by the (broken by Labour's reckless over-spending) government are somehow equated to contractual payments by public companies. Oh, sorry, that was the "Shadow Defence Secretary" - the last lot were well known for their strict adherence to the "Military Covenant". They were so meticulous observing it the that RBL had to set up a campaign to remind them of it.
  3. Why are they saying a cut in allowances is a breach of the Military Covenant? Whats the link?
  4. Just goes to show that none of them give a ****.
  5. From Wikipedia:

    The Military Covenant is a term introduced into British public life to refer to the mutual obligations between the nation and its Armed Forces. According to the Guardian, "it is an informal understanding, rather than a legally-enforceable deal, but it is nevertheless treated with great seriousness within the services".[1] It was coined with the publication by the Ministry of Defence of the booklet ‘Soldiering – The Military Covenant’ in April 2000, and has now entered political discourse as a way of measuring whether the government and society at large have kept to their obligations to support members of the armed forces.
  6. And you honestly thought otherwise?
  7. So not really much to do with a cut in allowances, especially as a sizeable chunk of the country is in the same boat.
  8. No surprise really, this was on the cards from the minute the government said they value the military. Yet again our illustrious leaders lie and wriggle to self justify a scandalous decision. I accept money needs to be saved and I accept there is waste but why hit the lower paid ranks. Why does a pilot/navigator of air rank still recieve top rate flying pay when the last aircraft he flew was numerous years ago and probably no longer in service, is he still likely to jump into a jet and fly it- never. Specialist pay should stop when the recipient no longer fulfills that role.
    As the government have decided all troops home from Germany this decade then why not leave LOA in place until it stops naturally, this saving could easily be found elsewhere in the system so that troops dont get hit in their pockets.
    Politicians are all fork tongued lying barstewards.
  9. Really? Such as where?
  10. Which it has done for a while and, in fact, one of the announced cuts was that it would stop sooner? Or is there an exception to the rules for crab-air?

    I checked - and you don't seem to get it above Air Commode. And they get it at under a third of the top rate?
  11. Fortunately none of the savings affect me. Makes me wonder though why the Government of the day decided to reign in allowances for the civil service and the armed forces before it even considers putting its own House in order!

    I wonder if I can just wander in off the street and order a meal in one of the tax payer subsidised bars/restaraunts in the House of Commons?
  12. This ia a national disgrace.
  13. That is (drunken?) hyperbole.

    For the vast majority of us, this is an irritation and an inconvenience. Although probably less than the pay-freeze.
  14. I think we need to have these cuts, however, I would like to see where the government/politician are making expense cuts to their own perks.