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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by goneandgone, Jan 11, 2004.

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  1. C+P (sorry smelly sanchez) unknown source
    MoD offers Iraq war equipment at bargain prices

    Hundreds of millions of pounds worth of emergency kit purchased prior to the war in Iraq is to be sold off at knockdown prices because the Ministry of Defence cannot afford to keep it.

    Some of the kit may be sold back to the manufacturers at a loss, but much will be offered for sale to friendly countries and allies.

    Lt Gen Rob Fulton, a Royal Marine officer, and a deputy chief of the defence staff, told the Commons Defence Select Committee last week that budget restrictions meant that it would be too expensive to keep any new equipment that needed regular and costly servicing.

    In the months before the war in Iraq, senior officers were told to draw up a "wish list" of kit, from petrol tankers to under-slung grenade launchers, which they thought might help troops to secure victory.

    Nearly 200 different items were purchased at a cost of £500 million. Most of the equipment was used, but some arrived too late or was never deployed for operational reasons.

    In one case, quad bikes that were bought for the Royal Marines at a cost of £1.1 million, will be sold because they use petrol, rather than diesel, and the Royal Navy does not carry petrol on ships because of the fire hazard.

    Another £7.6 million was spent on CRV-7 air-to-ground rockets, which can be fitted to either combat jets or helicopters. The rockets were never deployed in the Gulf and will be sold off.

    The Ministry of Defence said that a final decision on what would be sold had yet to be made, admitted that disposals were imminent.

    The net loss to the taxpayer will depend on exactly how much equipment is sold off, and how much the ministry receives in payment, but it is expected to be a large portion of the initial £500 million bill.

    In one case, quad bikes that were bought for the Royal Marines at a cost of £1.1 million, will be sold because they use petrol, rather than diesel, and the Royal Navy does not carry petrol on ships because of the fire hazard.
    What the hell is going wrong here?!
    Why did you order petrol quad bikes then?
    What is wrong with you people?!
  2. I suspect the petrol quad bikes will have been ordered by some civil servant who has never been near an RN ship or the sharp end of any military unit.

    I can understand that there might be a surplus of some kit, but presumably less would have had to be ordered at the last moment if we didn't have the ludicrous 'just in time' procurement policy, or 'just too late' as it ought to be known.

    This will be part of the terrific war effort Hoon has been decorated by the spams for.

    I wonder, rhetorically because depressingly I already know the answer, if anyone responsible for this kind of cock-up has been held to account for it.
  3. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Reminds of the time I was on Ex with a certain AD Regt and some of the boffins came to visit. One of the Bdrs asked one of them why we couldn't have quieter gennies, to which she replied 'because no-one's ever asked us.'

    FFS what qualifications do these people have??
  4. The boffins as you call them are given problems to solve. They don't normally have very much experience in the 'day to day' ways of the military. It's as much the job of procurement to research the needs of a new equipment as it for the boffin's to 'second guess' the needs.

    Then when an equipment is introduced there is a period where the equipment is tried and tested by some of the prospective users. If they don't notice the short commings of the equipment and complete the relevent forms the boffins are never going to find out.

    Just my tup'pence worth :-S
  5. In our syndicate on the two-week CATC(TA) course, there was an MoD civil servant whose specialty was operational analysis. OK, so they didn't give him a command appointment or a rifle (well....maybe for a posed photo for the MoD staff magazine), but he did the full exercise along with us.

    He was genuinely interested, pretty damn switched on, and a good bloke. Given that one of his previous jobs was planning how to employ Trident, he was also a good source of wind up to the Field Arty types from us STABs. "Call that a fire mission? Pish, our syndicate can level cities....."

    They also sent along the US Exchange officer from CAST(N) who was just taking over SO2 Arty, and who had to put up with our best efforts at a Rod Steiger impression "y'all ain't froahm aroun' heah, are you, boah"....

    As a designer of military kit in a previous employment, I can vouch for the fact that it's MOD(PE) who get the job of specifying the kit. The engineers want to do a good job, but don't get to talk to the user (just the customer - subtle difference)
  6. we had some bloke who helped design the next gen of MIRA quite shocked at the fact blokes were putting on there back with the rest of the kit we had to carry.
    mind you probably been sacked now we are buying javalin :evil:
  7. Erm - not true about the petrol. Certain types of RIB (normally the smaller or faster ones) carried onboard ships have petrol outboards and the fuel is carried in sturdy jettisonable containers in racks on the upper deck. If there was ever a fire anywhere near them someone runs and pulls the release toggle and they drop into the water.

    So.... as well as a ridiculously bad bit of "smart" acquisition, an even worse bit of damage limitation. Well done MoD.
  8. There may still be time then. Anyone want some petrol quad bikes on the cheap? :wink:
  9. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    some of these boffins spend a fair amount of time in theatre with the troops and will have a better idea of what the guys want
    but if the guys and gals at Abbey Wood do not buy the correct stuff in time then what hope do we have?
  10. These wouldn't be the same type of Quad bike that were bought for 3 CDO BDE which I saw whilst deployed on OP JACANA (Afghanistan) and were presumable left behind??
    Sort of begs the question why not issue us the correct kit to start with! That way we can learn how to work with it effectively, and it saves pissing vast amounts of money away on last minute purchases, you might not see deployed in time.

    But then again I'm just another thick SNCO

    Bean counters and Politicians......W*nkers :wink: :wink: