MOD blocks UFO case

Oh, and a couple of more serious enquiries  ;D

Dunno what the fuss is, I find my tinfoil chapeau works perfectly well keeping them Betaguesean mind-rays out


and seriously? Yes I have seen one..........
oooooohhhhh!! I love these stories!! Go on, tell us about it!

I thought I saw something strange in the sky once, a triangle of 3 red lights moving in a highly erratic manner. It was reported in the local press as well (N Yorkshire, 1981)
Silver Disc , estimate at about 30 feet across, over Richmond, May 1995. Watched it for about 5 minutes, there were about 2 or 3 clouds in the sky, the disc went into one of them, didn't come out the other side.

I wasn't the only one that saw it, but we did think we'd best keep schutmm about it, what with being armed to the teeth and seeing flying saucers and all  :-/


Flashing lights through the fog, South Armagh, sat around for ages awaiting Crab Air, so it must have been a UFO.
I think a lot of us, if we're honest, have seen something, and we know what a chopper looks like at night...

Oh and any sightings around the secret Scottish airbase don't count  ;D


Oggy, have a word with yourself!

"Flashing lights in the fog" (Would highlight the word "fog" but don't know how to...)

Does that sound like the RAF?  :eek: :eek:

Sea King 1 maybe, but the bad South Armagh :eek: :eek:

A UFO is much less unlikely ;D ;D ;D


surley if crab-air were going anywhere near south armagh it would be at 35000 feet, lost, looking for the best place to set-down for essential repairs
(5 star hotel, pool and easily impressed locals a must!) ;)


Had a Lynx pick us up once, it was a real pea-souper, so the pilot flew down the hill sideways about 4 ft off the ground to find us!

The ptl comd thought he was going to land on him so he ditched his kit and ran off down the hill!

God bless the hairy arm corps, got us home for tea and MTV at BBK


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I presume they mean Machrihanish, which was I believe disposed of recently.  Nothing suspicious about it really, just that...
- it was rebuilt at massive cost to give it one of the longest runways in the UK,
- It is at the end of the Mull of Kintyre, with very little land between it and the USA
- it was the scene of many 'sightings' (most landings at night, strangely enough, and without lights) of unidentified a/c in the '80s and '90s, such as the Aurora


I remember reading about this incident about 15 years ago in some UFO magazine.  It wasn't that much of a secret then.

I believe the MOD were site testing Cylumes on a warning triangle.  A bedford truck was later seen speeding away from the area with eery green/red/blue/yellow glows radiating from the inside and making alien noises.  They were either scouses or taffs.

It must be true, it's on this website.

Signed.    Minister of Dis-information.

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