MOD: 'Blast Outside British Iraq Base'

edit: same incident as simultaneous post by Babiesarm

from PANews via Scotsman website. BBC R4 also carried something at 1600, saying "Iraqis reported hurt, no word on British casualties"
4:12pm (UK)
Blast Outside British Iraq Base

By Caroline Gammell and David Stringer, PA

An explosion was detonated outside a British military base in Iraq today, the Ministry of Defence said.

The incident occurred at the base of Shaibah, 20 miles south west of Basra.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: “We are aware of an incident – it looks like some kind of explosives.”

The spokesman said it was believed the explosion occurred just outside the base, but had no further details at present.

Shaibah is a logistics base which houses as many as 1,000 troops, civilians and support staff.

It was set up as the hub for British administration of south east Iraq and has served as a base for Marines and the Black Watch regiment.

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