MoD begins anti-harassment drive

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Plant-Pilot, May 25, 2006.

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  1. BBC Report

    It seems that another drive to criminalize any actions made by anyone wearing a uniform is on the way from the MoD.

    It seems that women in the army can use foul language and sexual innuendo but the men can't. I mean nobody is going to bother reporting a woman for swearing are they? That's equality for you.
  2. Is she going to stop it raining then? or change the sand into grass? or issues kit that works........

    Or is she just going to reduce the number of women in the Armed Forces?

  3. Just saw this on the dinner time news - I assume everything in the MOD garden is so rosy that they have time to waste on crap like this?
  4. And what protection will we have against malicious complaints I wonder? Seems to me that the EO indistry ignores the real issues of abuse of rank and other bullying by concentrating on women and minorities.
    Latest CAS says that 63% of soldiers are dissatisfied with how their complaint was handled. They cant all be women and ethnic minorities. Guess the rest of us just don't count.
  5. Not the best time to announce something like this. Even being totally PC has a time and place.

    Start a protest campaign.

    Free the lumpy jumper two.
  6. Can we have equality in fitness tests then please? Lumpy Jumpers having to do the same tests as men? If the army states that a minimum standard of fitness is required for a certain job, then that should apply equally across the sexes surely? They wanna be soldiers, they do soldiers tests.
  7. And don't forget the legal implications.

    "Do you accept my award?"

    "No Sir, PMT"
  8. Split arrses.........give 'em 8 inches and they'll still winge!
  9. So did the equal opportunities commission fail to interview any men! Not very equal.

    Also how equal is it to have a Black History Month or an Ethnic Minority Steering Group. Defence Intranet but probably won't work on Civvy Machines.

    My concern is not that we want to make the army inclusive but that people spend an inordinate amount of time concerning themselves about niff naff and trivia.

    Equal opportunities and PC are a massive self perpetuating industry. If common sense were applied half of this rubbish would not occur!
  10. I have been saying this for years and was told I was not being serious. Really? Then what is equality?

    The tests we have at the moment are "Gender Fair", NOT equal. Until such time as the tests and expectations of Men and Women, as Soldiers, are equal will there ever be EO in the Armed Forces.
  11. That's because it was only 4"
  12. Warrior_Poet wrote "And what protection will we have against malicious complaints I wonder?" I would have to say None, as soon as a complaint has been made the seed of doubt is there. We must remember guilty till proven innocent in forces.
  13. Yep more ammo for the witches.
  14. If a complaint is made and is found to be malicious, the complainant should receive the same punishment as the innocently accused, this in itself would prevent Bunny Boilers whom you knock back of doing a bit of Hell hath no Fury on you!

  15. Can't we just offer them a shag if they promise not to tell?