Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by lo_rre, Aug 10, 2007.

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    According to The Guardian, human rights lawyers say the rules, which also cover the TA and cadets, could be in contravention of Article 10 of the Human Rights Act.

    Read the story at thisisplymouth
  2. “They” have spies everywhere, they know who you are!!!
    Stop posting on ARRSE before they track you down and charge you!!

    …and back in the real world :D
  3. when in uniform
  4. Il sit at my PC and post bollocko form now on then so I know im ok.
  5. So. soldiers can't blog eh?

    But if my son talks to me, a civilian, and I post a blog about what he's said to me are either of us breaking any rules? (Always assuming OPSEC and PERSEC are maintained.)
  6. Quick quick I hear the SIB are recruiting
  7. Anyway chances of me seeing this DIN is about zero, so I haven't heard about it
  8. they could use all the money and stuff they promised to the troops on herrick to track and charge the people blogging and posting videos! oh no wait they probably will!
  9. Who the fcuk cares. What kind of boring cnut would discuss that kind of shit on the interweb anyway.

    "Hi, my names Barry and i'm in the MPGS. The other week I was tabbing across the Al Fawr peninsula and..."
  10. Hello Barry, report to the Adjutants office at 0800hrs Monday please.
  11. After careful consideration, as a Civvie - at least until Gordon start unpaid National Service - I have come to the following conclusion: the MOD can go take a flying fcuk at a rolling doughnut.

    Did I call the MOD a bunch of useless, gutless CNUTS!? I did? Good.
  12. Shit, sorry sir, my little sister typed that! I'm sure we can come to some sort of "agreement".
  13. I'm Spartacus :D