MoD ban journalists from Dannatt speech

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hansvonhealing, Jun 2, 2007.

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  1. The Times
    June 2, 2007
    MoD issues ban on journalists
    Michael Evans

    LONDON The Ministry of Defence has banned the media from attending a conference in which the head of the Army and other senior officers are to reveal their vision of future land warfare.

    General Sir Richard Dannatt, the Chief of the General Staff, who caused alarm bells at the Ministry of Defence last year after revealing his concerns about the continuing presence of British troops in Iraq, is to be the main speaker.

    Whitehall insiders said that the MoD was worried that the conference, which was to have been open to the press, could generate unpalatable headlines in the newspapers the next day.

    One Whitehall source said: “The organisers of the conference have had their hands tied by the MoD and there is nothing they can do about it. The MoD has had a bad year and they don’t want something coming out of the conference which will cause more trouble.”

    Other Whitehall sources said that a conference with such important speakers was bound to attract interest, and it was “counter-productive” to stop journalists attending.

    I wonder what he's going to say...or is it just the MoD and their political masters frightened of the truth getting out?

    In the 'Afghan fighting' thread, there is an excellent action story from Sangin, here: It says that the journo is the only one embedded with British Forces and states that morale is at an all time low. The thrust of the article is that the troops feel no one in the UK cares about the war.
    Is this suprising given the lack of reports from the media - and who prevents them from covering the war? Previous bans on ITN etc and only one embedded journo might point to the real culprit....
  2. I am sure his views will end up in the press somehow but I suspect there may be a far less 'dark' answer.
  3. Tinfoil time perhaps! The cold hand of number 10 reach everwhere these days...............
    Most people dont realise that the sandpit is a war!

    ChavOvision now going to be wall to wall Big Brother and Liabour is happy to have the population sleeping about anything important!!
  4. Ohh look its amateur hour at the MoD Press office again!!

    All this will ensure is that EVERY news service will have a hidden mike at the event, obviously the characters responsible for the ITN ban and the Cornwall fiasco are still in charge.

    I wish I could get away with being this incompetent and still get paid.
  5. If this is the conference I am thinking of it says "Open to all" - how can the MOD ban anyone?
  6. Does the ban include student journos?...hehe :D
  7. I imagine that he'll say that most UK troops are going to be out of Iraq by the end of next year.

    With the US presidential elections coming up, no US politician is going to get into the White House on a ticket of "I'm gonna keep the troops in eye-rak for another 4 years". Therefore the US position will presently change, and Gordon Brown will make one of his first big decisions and declare that the troops are coming home (but in actual fact, will just go along with the yanks). Therefore most UK forces will be out of Iraq by the end of next year.
  8. or is it more of a case of the journalists seizing on senior officers remarks and quoting them out of context - just look at what happened when the previous Comd 16 Air Assault Brigade gace a briefing to the press after coming back from Afghanistan last year. Have also read the article in the Telegpraph - headline says 'morale at an all time low' but nothing in the article to suggest that it is - just a very professional and determined Royal Anglian battalion. Perhaps the journo doesn't understand what morale actually is - expecting to find soldiers deliriously happy perhaps?!

    turn to p3 for breasts

    Most likely worries about quoting out of context as always with the press
  10. so if (scum sucking ) Journo's are banned, how is this a press conference?

    Sounds more like a press release or a troop briefing to me
  11. I don't think that it ever was meant to be a press conference - I have just looked on the RUSI website and it seems to be something called the Land Warfare Conference with a whole load of senior officers, serving and retired plus some academics. So sounds like they want to have a serious debate about the future without a whole load of journos seizing on a couple of remarks and then using them to have a go at either the Army or the Government. Not an unreasonable point of view to take then!
  12. "
    I wish I could get away with being this incompetent and still get paid. "

    Given that the majority of those in charge of Corporate Comms are in fact military personnel, I'd aim to get promoted and you'd be in with a chance :p
  13. Actually agree with you, 'burnaston'. Entire Armies moan about being forgotten, look at Burma in WW2.
    Possibly, the journo's morale was low, he seemed very affected by the Talibans burning scalp..
    But this is the result of only allowing one journo along, his words have to speak for the entire Operation - there is no alternative view.
    If the MOD allowed a good number od journo's in, they may find the concensus view much kinder - but they'd need to have the guts of the Royal Anglians to do that...
  14. Said in a the paper a couple of weeks ago that Ross Kemp was out witrh the Royal Anglians filming a documentary - that should be worth watching when it comes out
  15. If only to watch the ploughboys gently taking the piss out the fat cockernee walt? :D