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    Oct 11 2004

    Daily Mirror


    By Richard Smith

    MILITARY top brass have been told not to help themselves to free tea and biscuits at meetings in the latest cost cuts.

    Instead they will only get a cuppa at Whitehall HQ if a meeting will take at least two hours.

    And a Ministry of Defence memo tells them to log all teas and coffees. They will then be charged to the unit using the conference room to stop visitors using the new refreshment machines.

    A senior source said: "Officers who've led their men into battle are being treated like kids.

    "We're just waiting for visiting American officers to have a bloody good snigger when they find out. This memo has torpedoed morale.

    "We wondered if it was a joke."

    But the rule JSP 462, Part 5, Chapter 1, Annex A on providing a £1.10 tea including biscuits is clear.

    A MoD spokesman: "It's essentially ensuring tax-payers' money is used in the most efficient way."
  2. 307

    307 War Hero

    My god, could it get any more ridiculous? Someone needs to go and knock some sense into these twat civil servants.
  3. I look forward to seeing TCH cycling to work, then, and no more Neue Arbeit MPs visiting our Mess on 'fact-finding' visits in order to eat free meals.
  4. They're a bit behind on this

    Was down at a location in a Spa town couple of weeks ago ,and that is EXACTLY what happened , Tea Coffee and Biscuits rationed ,and a form for same was produced

    I couldn't believe it ,and yes , our hosts were embarrassed.

    It's all beyond a joke now .Start rationing Tea and we're doomed I tells ye 8O
  5. RTFQ


    Is this the same MoD that defended the Defence Procurement Agency against the damning report issued in the summer? Anyone who has had any contact with the DPA and the ramifications of its efforts knows that we really shouldn't be worrying about tea bags. How's about we stop wasting millions in contracts to British Wasteof Space et al, THEN tell people to pay for their brews.

    I'm sure Pte Smith in Al Amarah really doesn't care that the MoD has saved £500 on tea bags when his gat, comms, air support and uniform are all substandard because of inefficiency and ineptitude.

    Give me a break
  6. what seats were the visitors allowed to sit on :twisted:
  7. Forget the "millions", RTFQ. Think "billions". About 3.1 billion at the last count....and rising. :twisted: Wait till - or if - they start building HMS Small and HMS Smaller Still, the matelots' new flat-topped playthings. You ain't seen nothin' yet, boy!
  8. RTFQ


    Scary pants eh?

    And to think we once conquered the world with bits of metal, some gunpowder and a big pair of bollosck. Oh and some cool brightly coloured uniforms.
  9. I don't see what the problem is. I have always had to pay into a 'brew fund' for the tea, coffee and buiscuits. When we have guests the fund covers for them as well. If it works well enough in the crew rooms, Sgts and Officer's Messes then why should those at the top not have to pay for their brews as well.

    :? Having just checked the last Army Pay Review stuff they certainly get well enough paid to aford it.

    Sorry but they will get no sympathy from this quarter.
  10. Exactly. Pardon me if I remain dry-eyed because Main Building have had to come into line with tea swindle SOPs.
  11. Personally I think it a good thing that aged staff officers and civil spongers have their drinks and biscuits rationed. Aged war horses might struggle to hold their bladder never mind an arguement and civil serpants could do with a bit of a diet............ after all the whole service is too big :D 8) :wink:
  12. B*ll*cks, more time and money will be spent on paperwork and filling out these forms and finding out the results. Probably some consultant somewhere justifying his 6 figure fee to save a couple of grand.

    If they are that worried get all the lads on exercise to keep any spare tea bags coffee etc in bin liners at the end of an Ex and post it up to whitehall :evil:
  13. MoD civil servants and desk warriors can always visit defence contractors and load up on free tea, coffee, choccy biscuits, sandwiches, and post retirement consulting jobs.

    I've never seen any of them pay a penny in our staff restaurant when visiting.

    They probably don't even know that in the real world people have to pay for their own refreshments.
  14. 307

    307 War Hero

    Blimey, I'd prefer a rat. tea to the real stuff. I bloody love those rat. instant teas, sachet of that & a sachet of sugar.......heaven! Actually, hold on true bliss, is that sweet tea & a rice pud. boiley with chocolate powder mixed in it. Lovely grub. Am I too easy to please? :roll:
  15. 307 is a Greasy Student.