MOD awards BOWMAN upgrade contract

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Invicta, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. Should see it in place around 2030 then.....
  2. i worked on it at ashchurch over 400 of us lost out jobs in dec 07 i was a fitter, what the fcuk are 400 overpaid graduate enginners gonna do? none of them will work on the shop floor or will there be one fitter and one enginner on each vehicle thats why the dam things cost so much
  3. All our kit and equipment should be bought off the shelf. What we make ourselves always turns out to be complete dog shit.
  4. And costs 5 times as much, a decade late.
  5. Since when have the MoD gone for the sensible option?
    If it doesn't end up costing 5 times the original quote and be a pile of dog toffee, then they wont even entertain it.
  6. I'd suggest that it wasn't as much the MoD as the party hacks in charge.

    The companies who won the bids managed to provide jobs in marginal constituencies (or the constituencies of MoD-related MPs), and give seats on the board for Labour politicians.

    Note that I didn't say "corrupt", that would be inaccurate and libellous. I do not believe in any way that second-rate firms were given the job because they donated money to the Labour party, or because their competition was based in less-marginal constituencies.

    Winning firm - CDC (Oakdale, Gwent)
    Losing firms - Thales (Bracknell and Harrow), TRW (prime contractor for the US Army's equivalent system)

    Read the bit in the above link where Hoon explains that Thales didn't get the job because they've got lots of money from MoD already. Then read the following link.
  7. It's odd isnt it that contracts are often awarded north of the border nowadays? Wonder why that is?
  8. Gwent North of the Border - what are you a Rupert? That's in Welsh Wales!
  9. I'm thinking you not being able to spell engineer counted against you :wink:

    Edited to add - joking aside, this is an upgrade, not a warts-and-all installation.
  10. Wasn't referring to GD but CDC