MoD attitude survey - "everyones happy"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by berney, May 2, 2007.

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  1. MoD internal attitude surveys have been published today.... mostly content according to the spin doctors:

    Pride remains high within the Armed Forces. 92 percent of Army officers and 79 percent of soldiers feel proud to be in the Army. Pride in the Royal Navy is even higher, with 97 percent of officers and 80 percent of sailors proud to be part of the Royal Navy.

    Job satisfaction levels in the Forces also remains high. 78 percent of Army officers and 59 percent of soldiers are satisfied with their current working life. 94 per cent of Royal Marines are proud of the job they do with 80 per cent of Royal Marine officers rating their morale as good or very good.

    For all three Services, the inevitable impact of Service life on family life, including the amount of time spent away from home, remains a main point of dissatisfaction. However, the majority of the soldiers surveyed (61 per cent) said the frequency of operation tours were “about right” or “too few”. Service personnel are compensated for these differences in lifestyle and working conditions through the payment of an additional 13 percent of ‘X-factor’ pay. Personnel completing a six month operational deployment are also eligible for the new £2240 allowance.

    Defence Minister Derek Twigg, welcomed the publication of the surveys, saying:

    “The young men and women that I have spoken to whilst they serve their country in Iraq and Afghanistan, tell me that their morale is high, and that they are trained and equipped for the job.

    “These surveys offer a useful snapshot of attitudes. They help the Armed Forces target issues that concern our people and inform changes in policy and new initiatives. This ensures the Services remain a top quality employer.”

    (The Army survey was conducted between September 2006 and January 2007 and was distributed to total of 5,550 of which 2062 responded - a response rate of 30 per cent. Of those respondents, 61 per cent were officers and 30 per cent were other ranks. The total trained strength of the Army as of March 2007 is 99,280.)
  2. Did it mention how many of the Officers were on Regimental duty and how many seconded to Whitehall? Thought not.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    So out of approx 100,000 this represents the views of 1,258 Offrs, 619 Soldiers and 185 others.

  4. Are You saying that the majority of soldiers are not proud to be before their colours?
  5. That Twigg statement in full:

  6. Probably nearer the truth than the original statement VB! :wink:
  7. Now confirmed...MOD.....on a LSD Trip!!!!!!
  8. My bold. According to DASA, Army strength, as at 1st March 2007, is 106,200 (the total across ranks), of which 830 Officers and 10,100 ORs are untrained, making a trained strength of only 95,270. So which is correct?

    Anyway, if we take the MoD's figures... Approx 5.6% of soldiers were issued the survey, of which 30% responded, which equates to a response from approx 1.7% of soldiers across the board.

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm, a highly representative survey then... :roll:

    Edited because I woke up and saw the trained / untrained table on the DASA website).

    Edited for a second time because now I can't type.... :roll:
  9. Or on the other hand Sven are you saying that the Majority are happy and content with their lot?

  10. Job satisfaction levels in the Forces also remains high. 78 percent of Army officers and 59 percent of soldiers are satisfied with their current working life

    So thats 41% of our soldiers are p*ssed off then. And, more worryingly, 22% of our Officers.
  11. Surely if blokes are not proud to be serving then they should get the fnck out - this isn't working down the chip shop after all.

    No regimental pride, whatever next?
  12. the other 98.3% were on ops, and therefore not sent the survey asking if they thought op tours were too frequent.
  13. Surely there's a difference between regimental pride and pride with the mission(s)!?
  14. So a survey goes out to 5.5% to which only 30% reply. Of that number only 30% of non-officers reply. Of these 619, 59% were dissatisfied, so that leave just over 200 bods in the Army that were happy with their lot. Would be interesting to see how many officer returns were non-operational and how many were field rank or above.

    Another triumph for statistics and something else the MOD can trumpet round to show things aren't as bad as they are painted.
  15. Mao Tze Tung or Mao Zedong had the right idea shoot the buggers in MOD many fiddlers playing this flute!