Mod asks former squaddies to give their address details to ni police service

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by intli, Jan 6, 2013.

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  1. I know it only appeared in the Daily Mail on Sat but has there been any other confirmation regarding the new enquiry into 'Bloody Sunday' set for this year that states the MOD has asked former Soldiers to give their address details to the NI Police Service?

  2. Oh dear. That's clumsy....
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Being as a fair few will be in receipt of some form of pension, or other MOD-related benefit, I think it's a bit of a certainty that the info is already known. Pressure will be brought to bear on groups such as the Regimental Associations, and others, to reveal this, if other methods fail.

    And if it were me (sorry, I joined a couple of years too late for this) I would fight tooth and nail to keep what anonymity I could. The record of the authorities at keeping similar info secret, and the very real threat to their lives from republican terrorists (not 'dissident' ones - they're all just republicans), makes this an easy one to make a choice on.

    If there is a choice, of course...
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  4. Can't see a need to give home address. For those with real persec issues, a point of contact such as a solicitor should do.
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  5. Do nothing. No crime committed, nothing to answer to.
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  6. Hypothetically speaking, if a chap were ever approached by, say, PSNI, wanting to talk about matters Op BANNER-related, I surmise a good strategy would be to say **** all. Even if arrested/cautioned - say **** all. They're not going to have your best interests at heart.
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  7. That is the usual way, It is doubtful after 40 years that anyone involved in this incident is going to be suddenly be overcome with guilt and tell the "real story".
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  8. I wasn't thinking specifically of Bloody Sunday, more Op BANNER generally. PSNI are not the RUC and the agenda behind their historical investigations is, um, complex.
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  9. Bearing in mind there have been 2 enquiries, the more recent taking 12 years and a cost of £195 million for the various barristers etc which resulted in Cameron apologising to the relatives it was obvious this is not going to go away. IMHO if I was one of the lads contacted I would decline or wait for a summons then give a 'no comment' interview. If its good enough for criminals its good enough for them!
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  10. Agreed - volunteer nothing at all to this enquiry. The old adage that if you've done nothing wrong you have nothing to fear definitely does not apply to this politically motivated witch hunt.
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  11. Name, rank, number, DOB and nothing else....

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  12. To quote a one time Westminster MP,"They haven't gone away you know".

    Stay stumm and tell them nothing.

    I wouldn't trust the new "inclusive" PSNI with my personal details and I wasn't in the Paras!
  13. 40 years.... I would claim amnesia ....I struggle with last month let alone last year.

    There should be a limit on what can be spent on these inquiries that just pay for lawyers to have early retirement and waste police man hours.
    Hundreds of millions spent on the deaths on 14 regardless of how they were killed is wrong ......what about the other HUNDREDS that were without doubt murdered ? Will the inquiries into their deaths be so time consuming and detailed or just swept under the carpet as they are not as politically pleasing to the terrorists running the roost in Stormont ?

    The whole thing stinks of weak politicians afraid to stand up and say enough is enough. Any investigation into what happened during the Troubles should be closed as the people responsible were all released in the Good Friday agreement. Many have got away with murder or done little or no time in prison , that was the deal wasnt it ?
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  14. when most soldiers in NI have been told not hang their uniform outside, actually giving addresses out to an organisation that is at least (if not more than) 50% Catholic seems like a bit of a monumental brain fart to me.