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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Rocket_Scientist, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. You would think that approx 20% of the army being laid off for 5 months would make Armynet, MOD news website or something, but no, just pictures of a smiling Gen Richards launching a support service for muslim soldiers.

    Want a laugh, google TA, then follow the top link, takes you straight to a page on how much you can expect to get paid for training.

    Is everything still embargoed till the Weds night drilling units have had the face to face bad news from their OCs & COs?
  2. Its cheaper to get the newspapers and channels to do it!


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  3. or write to The Times:

    Men and women are attracted to and retained in their units precisely because of the active challenges that they are offered, often in vigorous contrast to the routine of their civilian jobs. To a starker extent even than in the regular Army, a lack of challenge means dramatically declining recruitment and retention, so that very soon there will be little muscle left in a TA becoming less and less capable of delivering operational reinforcements to the regular Army.

    Winston Churchill spoke of the Army as “withering, dwindling and almost dying” if sufficiently disturbed, and with the TA most particularly, short-term economies will lead to long-term decline and ultimately demise.

    So do we want a TA, or don’t we? This is the real question that should be asked before such irresponsible and heartless decisions are imposed on young men and women who have volunteered to serve their country.

    Sir Hew Pike
    Lt General (Ret’d), TA Company Commander 1972-74 and Inspector General of the TA 1995-97
  4. Sir Hugh has asked the killer question. It appears that nobody in government is willing to answer to it though. :evil:
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    What people are not looking at is the reason for these in-year cuts.

    I would think that the reason for the cuts could be two-fold. First, there are exchange rate problems. The position of the £ relative to the $/Euro is bad, and that must have cost. This however is probably not the major problem. That is more likely to be that the Army to their credit (and that of OAR) as a whole have recruited VERY well this year. The in-year problems are probably caused by funding being needed for this - these keen young lads and lasses are in, and can't be abandoned now.

    It could be said, therefore, that the OTCs, ACF, Army CCF Dets, and TA, are all being sacrificed this year for the short-term expediency of training a few hundred Recruits.

    Given the overall operational and financial situation that the Army, and MOD, is working under, this is sadly probably a price worth paying, and must be a decision not reached lightly. Another view could be that the Army can find more Recruits later - but a broken TA, OTCs with no credibility, and Cadets relying even further on the goodwill of AIs could prove to be far, far, harder to fix.
  6. It got put on ArmyNet this afternoon. (ABN57/09)
  7. OS, I wish I could agree but in reality, the credit crunch has provided the reason for the majority of the recruits. OAR is not working as well as people hoped it would and has been disastrous for the TA, to the extent that TA soldiers were given ADC contracts to work in ACIOs to make sure that potential recruits were told that the TA existed as an option!

    Additionally, it has to be barking that the financial cap for the Army is set at thousands less than the establishment figure!