MoD appeals for inventors’ help in war on terrorism

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mr_Dignity, Feb 26, 2007.

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  1. I saw this in The Times today.

    Times article

    Step forward my engineering hero...


    The Centre website is here.
  2. Willing to use my expertise in getting rid of that cnut B.Lair. Where do I queue?
  3. They need look no further than the cabinet office for people who specialise in inventions relating to terrorism.
  4. While no doubt good intentioned it does smell of cost cutting.
  5. Anyone who can draw better than me who can draw a picture of decent border controls? I'm willing to go halves on any money we might win for suggesting it.
  6. This government only needs to look at past initiatives in order to put an end to terrorism.

    When faced with the problems of cannabis use, the answer was to de-criminalise it.

    It's not hard to work out that if terrorism is legalised, then the resources currently used to counter it can be used elsewhere - like improving benefits for bogus asylum seekers and economic migrants.
  7. How about building a moat around the country?
  8. Bugger using GEMs then - email No. 10 with a sparky idea and get an OBE!

    I have invented something for the MoD and HMG to consider - it's called a spine (or backbone). Equipped with a spine our politicians and civil servants can get on with exercising this thing called leadership:

    A spine gives you common sense enough to see through silly attention getters like hiring inventors or psychics to find Osama's cave.

    A spine gives you the courage to make difficult decisions and abide by them, earning respect for your leadership in the process.

    A spine gives you the morality to see lying and obfuscation as wrong, and the conscience to do something about it.

    A spine gives you the compassion to look after those you place in danger and their families.

    A spine gives you the intelligence to understand the true meaning of words like service and duty ,and not twist, spin or confuse them.

    See? Spines are great. Even better still - they are in the basic model. All you need to do is subscribe to my free upgrade. When do I get my OBE?
  9. Wouldn't work. You'd be infringing the human rights of all the non-swimmers.
  10. :frustrated: We would need to geneticaly modify the political class to give them a sense of Britishness, honour and decency, the ability to tell right from wrong, service before self, breed out the urge to sign away our hard fought for rights to every tom dick and harry and yes, breed in a bit of good old fashioned backbone.

    But that is a fantasy i'm afraid, the barstewards are all as bad as each other, they wouldn't know patriotism if it bit them on their wrinkled hairy sacks. :frustrated:
  11. I wish someone would invent a way to get rid of Bliar and Brown and the rest of this disloyal, dreadful, depressing, disreputable government.
  12. Don't do it Boffins!
    It's a cunning Commie trick to identify more hard working people to tax and regulate to death.
    I gather they used the same trick in the Russian Gulags...
    Keep your heads down and your money abroad.
  13. SPINE (or Supporting Posture, Internal Neurological Equipment) was originally developed by the Army's Personnel Research Unit. A closely guarded secret, spine was instilled into recruits through training which was challenging and either soul-destroying or character building - I forget which, it was a long time ago.
  14. They should speak to John Scarlett. It was his invention that got us into it in the first place.
  15. Remind us what exactly the problems were again?
    And then maybe you could point out when the government decriminalised possession of cannabis?
    (clue - they haven't)