MoD Announces Payments To Former Far Eastern POWs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MOD_Oracle, Oct 11, 2005.

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  1. Only £500......... ? 8O

    I guess that the MoD calculated that, since it has waited sixty years for the majority of the claiments to die off (mostly in penury), £500 would be sufficient to cover the remaining lifespan of the average survivor. :x
  2. Absolute travesty...I wouldn't deign to collect my £500 but then I am not as desperate as some elderly, under-pensioned victim of japanese war criminality and can afford the pride; just as MOD could afford a really constructive and worthwhile payment to the brave lad and lasses who qualify.
  3. Im sorry but wasnt it the Japs who interned them? does that mean that Japan has given the UK dosh to pay out to them? I dont think so
    Why does our present government have to pay out? I mean the criteria is:

    The individual was held by the Japanese during the Second World War in the Far East as a British civilian internee, so as far as i see it, its Japan who should pay out not HM Government .
    Their claim was rejected because they (or their deceased spouse who was interned by the Japanese) were not born in the UK, and they did not have a parent or grandparent born here.

    So who is it we are paying out to exactly? Are they in the UK? or do they live in Asia?
  4. My old man spent 4 years as a young boy detained at the emperor's pleasure in mainland china. He was born in china, as was his father (missionaries :roll: )but he qualified for the FEPOW £10k payout as nearly 24000 others have (his mother was UK birth).

    This payout seems to cover a much smaller group that applied for the award before application/birthlink criteria was clarified. However small the group, it does not justify the smaller sum (£500 versus £10K) for people who if in a camp would have suffered just the same.

    It is however a suprise that there is a payout. Something like this, i would have expected something similar to what happened to a friend of mine- continue delaying until death. Her mother was due an indian army widow's pension recalculated for a move back to UK post war. It didn't happen at all and my friend was b*ggered about pillar to post in trying to chase it up. She recalls talking to a captain attached to pension office saying off the record the system would continue prevaricating until her mum passed away and then all claims were void. funny old thing.... thats what happened.

    The retreat from empire left many problems that all shades of government have tried to move on from. It will be a long while before there will be any return in national pride of what we were once.
  5. Attlee's government cooked up a resolution of all Japanese debts of dishonour, acting corporately and big government style-y. As a result the government assumed the role of compensator to UK nationals, having agreed a settlement and reparations with Japan. That settlement was expedited at US instigation in order to accelerate the process of rehabilitation of Japan, to create a firm capitalist buttress against Soviet/PRC communism in the east and regenerate trade. Well that strategy has bitten the western democracies in the butt a few time. As now does the settlement of reparations with individuals...From Attlee to ca change?
  6. About freekin time.