MOD Aldershot Garrison

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by twothreeuptwothreedown, Mar 13, 2011.

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  1. The MOD in Aldershot Garrison must be quite flush with money at the moment.

    Especially as there's no money for Aircraft Carriers, Harriers, Nimrods the forthcoming Defense cuts!

    Or could it be that if they don't spend their 'Vote' by the end of the month. They'll lose it?

    Three new warning signs with llifebelts for a puddle that is only a few inches deep, makes good sense.

    Well done the MOD! I'd love to know what else you've wasted the money on!

    From a Satisfied Tax Payer!

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  2. Don't believe you that it's shallow, prove it!
  3. And how long will those life belts last once the local chav untermensch spot them?
  4. I'm no fan of MoD waste, but a life ring doesn't cost much and harmless looking 'puddles' kill many more people than raging weirs or whitewater.
  5. Or have you considered that for relatively little outlay the MoD (or whoever is responsible for that land) can demonstrate taking necessary precautions against idiots who want to go swimming there. Which could save a small fortune when someone a) drowns and the family sues, b) nearly drowns but is saved by someone using the life ring, or c) reads the sign and decides to not go swimming and therefor avoids the possibility of a or b!
  6. Is that the puddle that a young lad from a local footy team drowned in a few years ago, whilst under supervision from the military?
  7. It's actually man-made. One of the local chip shop units just carried out a PFT there. The resultant sweat loss is what you see.
  8. Nail on head. If it is on MOD land, it is the least we can do; to warn off the usual fcuktards who cannot be arsed to supervise their children/relatives when going for their afternoon stroll.
    (Literally) a sign of the times we live in.
  9. No, the boy drowned in the Horse Pond, which is a lot bigger.Looks like the same area, not far from Flagstaff.
  10. Yep, people can't walk up our street for getting knifed by some harmless looking puddle, nowadays. Vicious cunts, the lot of them.
  11. Think yourself lucky they don't make you guard the cnut.
  12. Relatively little?

    Do you realise, how much it costs the MOD to have those posts & lifebelts put up. Probably the price of a small car for each one!

    There's three of em dotted around an old gravel pit, now used only for driving RAF & RLC landrovers through. To give the blokes a bit of experience in driving through four inches of water!

    You couldn't swim in there, even the ducks have problems swimming without grounding themselves.
  13. And a settlement out of court will cost the price of several large and expensive cars. Is it 4 inches of water or substantially more?

    If they weren't there and the MoD got sued you'd probably be the first to say they should have invested a small amount of money to save the tax payer in the long run.
  14. Mark, my days of guarding are long past, thank goodness!
  15. If that is the driving training area across the road from the engineers bridge (the james bond hovercraft scene) then some of those puddles are fairly deep. Whilst not deep enough that you average bloke could stand up straight in and still drown they could still grab a stupid child or two.