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Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by kerryman, Nov 20, 2011.

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  1. I wonder whether the ongoing scandals of MOD equipment procurement is now affecting the manner in which the MOD make announcements about casualties in Afghanistan. Some years ago due to sensitivity about Landrover and Jackal etc. the MOD stopped indentifying the vehicle types in their communiques. In more recent times vehicles are identified when it is a "good news" story such as (1) below but not when there are deaths and serious injuries (2). Surely the matter of "security" should equally apply in both instances. The young men and women putting their lives at risk on a daily basis and the citizens of Great Britain deserve better.


    Ministry of Defence | Defence News | Equipment and Logistics | Soldiers survive IED strike thanks to Scimitar


    Ministry of Defence | Defence News | Military Operations | Two soldiers from the Queen's Dragoon Guards killed in Afghanistan
  2. Which paper do you work for?
  3. So why don't we specify which makes of vehicle are involved in pile ups on UK motorways. Idiot.
  4. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Methinks someone wants to dig the dirt on Ursula Brennan and co, after their pathetic performance at the National Audit Office last week
  5. Shouldn't be too hard, just look at her track record at DWP, DEFRA and MOJ
  6. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    FFS don't Google her,

    "Who in the Ministry has paid the penalty for the Armoured Car Fiasco"? "No, I don't think I can point the finger at anybody" was her pathetic reply
  7. No media links whatsoever. Just reading the two communiques raises serious questions as to whether another cover-up is going on.
    Bear in mind also that the enemy already know the type of vehicle they have hit.
  8. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    The only place I found any info was this weeks "Private Eye" but thats normal
  9. (1). There is actually a very good website and organisation where you can check the safety standards of cars in Europe.

    HOME | Euro NCAP - For safer cars crash test safety rating

    (2) The point I made referred to the two MOD communiques where the armoured vehicle involved was named when there were survivors and not named when there were casualties. I reiterate that this could not be on the grounds of security as the enemy will of course know which vehicle they attacked.

    (3). I have posed a timely and relevant question in good faith- you demean yourself by resorting to abuse and name-calling.
  10. To end a shit thread, the enemy do not know which vehicle they have hit, with the various different types of transport used by isaf and the number of potential incidences daily it would be very difficult for them to discover which vehicles are more serceptible to attack then others therefore not identifying them makes it even less likely, preventing specific targeting good news stories only project the vehicles good qualities. Surely the above is obvious?

    The press do quite a good job at int gathering on our vehicles for the enemy though.
  11. To support dollsteeth, if the propaganda is anything to go by the Enemy seldom knows what it has hit, where they were hit, what the effects were or what nationality. They usually say an ISAF tank was hit and all were killed.

    I guy I know totted up the Taliban claims in a one month period to assess how close to the truth they were. Something like 250 helicopters had been shot down,1000s of 'tanks' destroyed and ISAF had taken almost 25% casualties!

  12. 1) It would be very foolish to under-estimate this enemy. It is clear that the use of larger quantities of explosive show that they are very aware of the vehicles they are tasked to deal with. Most of the information they require is available from the MOD website anyway. It is quite common for the MOD to feature a new unit about to deploy to Afghanistan with their vehicles. This often includes an interview with an officer and a soldier extolling the virtues of the vehicle along with footage of the vehicle going through its paces. All on the MOD website. And this information is just as readily available in Afghanistan or Pakistan as at MOD HQ in Whitehall.

    2). Most media photos, videos etc are usually provided by the MOD or facilitated by them.
  13. Go ask the Mod Rss feed see what he says about the whole affair.

  14. This can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

    Scimitar Mk2 makes tracks in Helmand - YouTube