MOD Admit's to being Financially Incapable.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AIR FILTER, Aug 29, 2011.

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  1. In other news apparantley Bears DO shit in woods and the Pope IS a Nazi, who'd have thunk it?
  2. "MoD 'loses' around 0.3% of its budget..."
  3. Goatman

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    Love to see the NAO verdict on NHS budget......just by way of a change.....
  4. In other words, the MOD was forced into a spending review, the end results of which meant that a range of previously planned programmes and contracts had to be cancelled, and as a result the MOD is now revealing the cost of cancelling / writing off / deferring expenditure.

    What did people think was going to happen as a result of SDSR - that all the money spent getting out of contracts would magically appear? Cancellation cost is always worked in as an option - the MOD knew what the costs would be, made sure those taking decisions (i.e. senior uniformed figures and ministers) knew the costs incurred for cancelling versus proceeding, and the seniors took the decision to go ahead and cancel. Not rocket science, and only news because its a slow news day.
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    Anyone remember this from 2007:

    With thanks to AT55 and Private Eye.
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  6. And at the time, and done to death since was the point that it wasnt actually that relevant provided that he had good financial staff under him. Its akin to putting an RAF navigator with no intelligence background to become CDI. That would never happen now would it!
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    Except, of course, that he has held similar positions throughout his career and this is precisely the sort of area where civil servants are meant to hold deep expertise. Equally notable is that his successor did have relevant financial qualifications, something that the MoD went to great lengths to ensure.
  8. To be honest with you I couldnt give two stuffs whether the 2 or 3* leading an organisation has a deep background in it or not. HM Forces and the MOD CS have spent many years not posting deep experts in beyond the SO1 level, probably to avoid people getting too stuck in private little empires, and also to ensure fresh blood comes through. At that level its down to having a good team of staff, an ability to take on new material and the ability to BS convincingly in front of select committees that matters, not knowing the ins and outs of the subject area.

    Personally I worry when my 2 or 3* knows more about my subject area than I do :)
  9. Trevor Woolley would have done well to ask in return how many MPs had any relevant qualifications in running a country...
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  10. And thats where it all falls down. With a few notable exceptions most MoD CS I've ever met are pretty poor and have rings run round them by the contractors they supposedly manage. As an example of one among many may I quote the C1 grade running the commercial side of a contract - who had never actually bothered her arse to visit the facilities in question. Touted as an "open book" contract this clown was quite happy that 90% of requests for information were refused on the grounds of "commercial sensitivity".
  11. Exactly the problem - the Civil Servants are supposed to be the experts that permit the elected (not necessarily expert) politicians to take informed decisions.
  12. None of this avoids the fact that you've got to have experts in there at some level. The Civil Service is and always has been a boy's club.
  13. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    just over £57m was written off as "constructive losses" - mainly cancelled projects.

    This seems like poor planning to me, but then when SDSR came along...well, I suppose you can't make an omlette without breaking eggs.

    Or in this case, you can't NOT make an omlette without breaking eggs.

    They include the cost of scrapping Nimrod and the withdrawal of the Harrier fleet of jets - both announced by Defence Secretary Liam Fox in the strategic defence and security review (SDSR).

    I grant you that defense items have certain sensitivities, but one might reasonably have supposed that the aircraft could be broken down and the parts sold off - this is how commercial asset strippers work - or at least sold on to Bongo Bongo Land for a meager sum that would show SOME profit.

    The losses come as the MoD is facing 17,000 job losses because of massive cuts to its budget following the SDSR .

    How many people are employed in the MoD?

    "We take the issue of write-offs seriously and while it is not possible to plan for every eventuality, a full investigation is carried out whenever write-off action is taken to ensure relevant lessons are identified and learned," she said

    Translation:Full investigations into losses = further losses.

    Still, it might be instructive to learn what those lessons are.

    I am sure other government departments (NHS, indeed) would see similar or greater ineptitude, but this all makes very depressing reading. On my annual trips to Blighty, I used to be shocked at the inefficiencies I encountered (which I am in the UK, I have to rely upon public transport, which you can imagine is pretty horrific). Now, I am just saddened.
  14. You do know that Trevor Woolley is now the Finance Director of DE&S, right? Taken over from David Noble, who does have chartered accountant status?