MoD admits 440 computer data devices lost or stolen


The Ministry of Defence admitted yesterday that 217 of its laptops, 47 desk-top computers, 80 hard drives and 96 memory sticks were lost or stolen during 2008, despite a high-profile security crackdown launched last summer.

The latest figures mean more than 1640 of the department's computers and other information devices have gone missing in the past five years.

Although new rules on computer security were hurriedly put in place last summer, 2008 saw the highest number of missing desktop computers, hard drives and memory sticks since 2003. Hard drives with private information about almost half of serving armed forces personnel - including bank and driving licence details, passport numbers, addresses, dates of birth and telephone numbers - are among those which have not been recovered.

How do you manage to walk out with a desk top PC without anyone noticing?


2008 saw the highest number recorded missing because, the lap top's and data devices suddenly started getting accounted for properly after direction from on high. Which meant that the missing items suddenly became reported.

Me thinks<


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Filbert Fox said:
How do you manage to walk out with a desk top PC without anyone noticing?

This is often where some PC or other has been disposed of (maybe even properly) but the paperwork is lost/incomplete/not done at all and so the loop hasn't been closed fully.
Easily solved.

You have a computer on flick, but you don´t have the actual computer... er that will be full price please.

You have a Hard Drive on flick with personal details on it, but no actual hard disk?... of you go to Colly for 6 months. and out. (what´s that you are only a civvie contractor? SHould have read the "new" contracts then :twisted: )
Its surprising what you can find in the way of second-hand computers, hard drives etc in downtown Lagos markets. Some kind Nigerian gent offered to send me some 'genuine British gubermunt computers'.... I had to email him back telling him ..'Sorry!!'

Best place to find 'unattached' PC is to ride the Northern Line Tube and you might find a lonely Laptop lying on a seat in an emtpy carriage..... :)