MoD - a pro-TA employer?

seem to recall a post earlier today elsewhere (but can't find it now) relating story of TA reservist being called up - and then told by employer they were entitled to 2 wks unpaid leave and that there was no legal requirement to hold civvy post open for them.
the employer? WS Coggins (Widget Makers)? No, MoD. The same organisation (?) that issued the call-up papers claimed there was no employment protection on call-up.
Comments? MoD are arrrse? Certainly seems an on-goal. Anyone no more - or has something been lost in translation into the newspapers?
If I'm missing something I'd love to know...
??? :-/
Green weey stuff - heavens what have you been drinking?
The line from within the Mystery is that she was a casual driver with Bicester, on a contract that was due to expire whilst she was mobilised. APC, following discussions with Bicester, agreed to bring forward her mobilisation date so that it coincided with the early termination of her contract.

So actually her 2 weeks unpaid leave was effectively tied in by the system to mobilisation. She will of course be offered a casual contract on her return.

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