MOD 90s for UOTC

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Fazman69, May 14, 2006.

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  1. Just wondering if its possible for officer cadets to get army ID cards. It would really help when paying for rail travel to courses (if no warrant forthcoming) and any kit purchases from surplus stores, not to mention that Ocdts only have their word of honour as proof that they are officer cadets when they turn up to military camps (I was held at guardroom until my identity was confirmed because I had no military identification)
  2. Why can't you get issued a Temporary Certificate of Forces Identity (aka F Ident 693) as and when you need it?

    And what would you use a MOD 90 on the train for?
  3. If you're going to be going to a military camp ask for a chit in lieu from your psi, or the RAO/chief clarke/admin - whoever likes playing with that type of thing at your unit. Letting a whole load of overly keen OCdts and WOCdts loose with MOD90s would be asking for trouble, hence why they don't do it. Oh and once they've told all their friends how they play soldier, shown them their mod90s, lost them on some student urine-up they'll leave because it's cold and they don't want to play anymore - wasted effort.

    On the otherhand if it was set that noone receives a MOD90 until completion of MTQ2 and at least one year, and only if they're going away on courses/attachments that would make more sense as you'd *hope* they're more trustworthy and more likely to stay on.
  4. If you think you can get a HM forces rail card then your wrong as you have to be either FTRS, reg or a dependant of one.
  5. Why would you need one? You are a civilian student. I wouldn't mind a student uni card to enable me to sup some cheap ale but I can't as I'm not a student and nor would I like to be one as you are all the great unwashed.
  6. surely AKA 'chit in lieu' as well
  7. You're issued it if you need it. If a chit-in-lieu will do instead, you'll probably get issued that - saves them having a MOD 90 made up. If you do need one issued for some reason, then you'll be issued it for what you need it for, and then it will be taken back off you later on.

    MOD 90 is not a discount card - it's a military ID. It might be nice to have it all the time, but that's not the point of it.

    There's plenty of perks of the OTC anyway - no need to push it too hard.
  8. if you need it you can get seems you dont
  9. I'm a student and I have an ID card... only because I had two on discharge and kept one. Now it just sits with my beret and other stuff I kept on discharge... Anyway, NUS gives you more discounts that an ID card (although I think I heard at an exec meeting that we have to pay for those next year!!!). And you can always buy a young persons railcard for twenty quid...

    And as for proving to shops for a discount, just show them a pay statement.
  10. Yep. About £10 I think. God bless Sam Rozati, nemesis of the NUS for exposing that heinous bitch Kat Fletcher.
  11. Ive heard the UAS and URNU both get them,

    Personally I dont see the need, Bearing in mind the drop out rate after teh first weekend it would be a gamble issuing them before MTQ1 anyway.
  12. You don't get them because you don't need them.

    If you know you are going to a camp and may need one, ask for a form of ID. That way you wont have to stand around in the Guardroom. Were they not expecting you?

    They don't get you cheaper travel anyway. Although you do get a discount on Burger King.
  13. If one genuinely needed it, had passed MTQ2, and were a thoroughly good egg, I don't see why you couldn't be given one.
    Other than that, no. People would just use them to show off to their latest squeeze, then lose it.
  14. Remind me, there used to be a big fine and a lot of nausea if one happened to lose the MOD90. This was the reason we always got for not having them issued. (BTW, in the 90's, with a broad Irish accent, I never had any trouble getting in to any base with just a chit in lieu (no picture)... must have been my honest face!)
  15. Queens used to issue them to everyone, but this year only to the ones who need it for something (like getting a camp for training).