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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Bolton_Sig, Dec 19, 2006.

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  1. Y is that some pubs n clubs do nt take Mod 90's as proof of identification?? its shit
  2. Probably because the general civilian populus have no idea what an authentic MOD90 looks like.

    Why are you using it for bog standard ID purposes anyway? I wouldn't want anyone to know if i was in the forces in case some knobhead makes it an issue.

    Use your drivers licence like everyone else!

  3. Not as shit as when the doorman realises you're military and gives you a shoeing. Do you normally flash your I.D card to people? Does it make you feel hard and grown up?

    Use your driving license instead..........assuming you're old enough to drive.
  4. I'm guessing he wouldn't have a MOD 90 if he wasn't old enough to drive.
  5. Ye i would use my driving license n i normally do, bt when ive left it in germany llike a stupid twat, i have **** all else 2 use 4 ID
  6. You could use your passport. Just don't lose it when your out on the pi55.
  7. Try staying in and working on your English - you know, the old-fashioned spellin, n stuff like that m8 :wink:
  8. You need to be 18 to have a credit card - I wonder if a bouncer would accept one as proof of age if there was anything else with a photo to back up the name? Bouncers are a law unto themselves anyway.
  9. Not completely true, you need to be 18 to get one for yourself but you could get one from someone else, say a parent or partner, under the age of 18 but under there account with your name on it. If that makes sense.
  10. I used to let guys into the Club where I worked on the MoD90!! And got all the establishments in the area to accept them too.

    I had one little guy, flashed his MoD 90, he was only 17 and a half, tried telling me that he must be old enough to Drink, becuase they don't let you in the Army until you're 18 and that the DoB was a typo!!

    The young man was wished well on his way after I told him that I'd done 14 years Mil Service!
  11. You can join up at 16 yrs old anyway, so that will not always be the case lad.
  12. You can join up at 16 yrs old anyway, so that will not always be the case lad.
  13. Do you look like your mum should know your whereabouts?
  14. i wouldnt use it round darlo, they hate squaddies round there!

    we never even got ours out but politely got told to fcuk off before we even got into some places

    "no soldiers..."
  15. Thats 16yrs and 9months. And when I did my basic, I wasn't issued my MOD90 until the end of tranning, due to the fact there is no point handing them out, if two weeks down the line if there going to get out, because they miss mummy.

    Edited due to spelling like a muppit