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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Burmese27, Aug 17, 2011.

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  1. Apologies if this is a stupid question.

    I have completed TSC(A) and TSC(Inf) at an infantry unit but have now asked for a transfer because of work relocation. My question is, when should I get a MOD 90 as I havent received one yet(i used a 'chit' during training?

    Also what info is contained on it and will it have to be changed after my transfer?

    Thanks for the help.
  2. You should have been issued one about two weeks after your enlistment. If you have provided them with a photo already your unit's admin is up it's arse, best you get in touch with your PSAO.
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  3. Doubt it would need to be changed after you transfer. It contains your picture, name, service number, rank, date of birth, height and an expiry date.
  4. It would need to be changed if his rank changes on transfer e.g. going from being a private to a rifleman
  5. Yeah its gonna change from Rifleman. To Private/Regimental Equivalent of the unit I am transferring to. Thanks for the advice guys.
  6. It won't matter - yo are still you! :) If your MOD90 comes before you transfer and your title changes it's a simple change for your admin office to complete. (New cards take about a week to arrive at your unit.)

    Don't worry it shouldn't be a drama.

    Good luck with the transfer.
  7. Thanks CC TA I hope it goes smooth as I dont want hickups.

    Interesting question what is the bottom rank in the Royal Yeomanry, Private?
  8. Wot? No microchip like the Yanks have on their common access cards? MoD is behind the times (says the bloke whose last ID card was hand written on cardboard).
  9. Trooper would be the equivalent.
  10. er, I may be behind the times - my first MOD90 had me holding the numbers up under my face and was a black and white photo - but we never got ours on permanent issue, only if going overseas. Same for ID discs. If we needed ID, we were usually given a 'chit in lieu'. I left in '02. I was infantry too.
  11. Have things changed then?

    They used to not issue them until after Phase 2 training, due to people doing their first 2 weekends of training, deciding they didn't like the TA, then disappearing complete with MOD90 to flash about down the pub.

    To the OP - Just go ask the Clerk. They usually arrive in the office, and they'll stick it in your file, and the clerks wait for the MOD90 fairy to tell you it's arrived.
  12. Yes - you are behind the times...!

  13. Next you.ll be telling me they've done away with shakos, stocks and crossbelts!
  14. Your MOD90 will be made once they have your blood group, and very often is held by the Unit until you actually need it (on deployment generally).
  15. Why blood group, it has not been on the MOD 90 for a while now.