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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by stefm33, May 20, 2009.

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  1. hi everyone, i know this may have been discussed before at some stage but unable to find it.

    Just been issued my MOD 90 and have been told that some places give discount, does anyone know what sort of places give discount to members of the armed forces ....
  2. If you can get on Armynet there is a load of places listed on there
  3. The only place I know that gives discounts is Burger King and my local Army + Navy Store.
    Think the discount is between 10%-15%
  4. Domino's do a whopping discount.. think it was about 40% last time (it seems to vary) but i'd chance your arm anywhere. no harm in asking is there? (unless you are buying something dodgy or don't trust the guy behind the counter not to be some loony with an axe to grind!)
  5. Regent's Park Mosque book shop?
  6. Got 50% off last night, did get some funny looks from the syrian guy behind the counter when i showed my MOD 90.
  7. Don't worry, he'll be outside your front door later, you can ask him waht (sic) he meant by it then.

    My local Domino's do 50% off, but only on orders > £9 post discount.

  8. Probably the same 'what the f*ck?' look that I gave a polesmoker in a shop that removed it from his wallet, held it at arms length at the oik behind the counter and then turned a degree to the left and right just to check we had all seen it.

    Another spectacular stroker got his MOD90 out in a kebab shop in Leeds a couple of years ago and flashed it to anyone that would look or listen whilst he gave his 'been to Iraq' spiel then was all over the papers the next day after being smashed in by a couple of other customers.

    It dont get you much off much really, leave it in your wallet for what its there for, to get you in and out of camp and other relevant locations, to ID yourself to someone in uniformed authority and if your based in the North West, to cut your coke into lines on your Corsa dashboard :D
  9. Mandi's barbershop in Aldershot gives an HM Forces discount, but never on a Saturday!

    Hackett gave a 10% discount.

    IIRC there was some sort of booklet thing that gave details of all of the companies giving discount (M&S didn't!) may be an option if you cannot access the Army Internet. But it's the usual Catch 22: Don't show your MoD90 unless on official business for the usual PERSEC considerations and TA troops had to leave it in the TAC!
  10. I ventured into HMV for some DVD's and asked if they do service discount, The girl said HMV dont but she gave me her staff discount for the day.
  11. If you're TA (as I was when I finished my service career) you can only get the discounts one night a week & every other weekend ;)
  12. Outstanding! :D

    I keep finding various excuses why they don't do forces discount, like (we're not actually Burger King we just use the franchise) or "ahh, will you can't have 3 pizzas and a discount because 3 pizzas are already discounted", if you used your own discount you'd pay more. :roll:

    Okay so I'm TA and the only discounts I know are for Pizzas and Burger King, so when I'm arsed I shall look for more useful outlets :oops: .
  13. Blacks and Milletts as well
  14. Burton's If you have one near you, my local one Is very good 15%.
  15. Just ask what harm can it do. And if they don't take that I ask for my student discount!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: