MOD 90

Remove is this should be in another forum. Does anyone have a list of what the MOD 90 card can be used for except as a form of ID?

Thanks in advance
It's very handy for spreading soft butter when you've lost your knife.
You can try and use it in a cash machine, but it won't work.
Scrapping ice of a car.

Drawing straight a line in a notebook.
You can cut it up, and use as collar stiffeners when you've misplaced them, and/or toothpicks.
If you're handy with a lighter you can melt it to fashion a makeshift racing spoon.
Others may be able to confirm (as I have not yet had the opportunity to do so), but I understand a MOD 90 will get you all kind of discounts in the USA - where they value and appreciate service personnel more than they do in the UK.

I’d appreciate myself anyone being able to confirm or deny the above, as I will hopefully be over there later this year.
Cut lots slits along the longer side and make a crab-comb.

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