MOD 90 discounts

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sandfox, Nov 26, 2009.

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  1. having seen News of Prince Harry in Nandos getting a 20% discount using his MOD 90, discussing this with some squaddies, they reckon it is possible to get similar in Burger Kings, Maccies and other Food chains etc.

    Could this be true ? the British Public is finally giving the Armed Forces some recognition ?
  2. Dominoes give 50% and some burger kings give something as well.
  3. That's made me want Pizza but there's not one near here! :(
  4. Not McDonalds.They give 1p to the PIRA for every Big Mac they sell.
  5. Not really more or less all the companys that do it are yank.
  6. old myth.
  7. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    If you Google "Armed Forces Discounts" the first of the 70,000+ replies that you get is this one:

    Isn't the internet wonderful?
  8. Fuck and all these years Ive been eating the stuff, thinking I was freeing the fur praaavance from the evil English oppressors. I'm now 50 stone and have to shite in a bag.

    So many years wasted...
  9. My tongue was firmly in my cheek. :D
  10. Fecking Dominoes could give 99% and still make a bloody profit! Fecking Robdogs!!
  11. Yeah the old MOD Form 90 is a godsend sometimes when lookin for discount.

    Only the other day I flashed mine in the Rose Lady Pub in Heroes Square, Limassol and got an efing bargain - 30 mins with the hairy Greek lady - king bliss!
  12. My MOD 90 has RESERVE stamped into it, does that qualify? ( The photo is of me 24 years ago :oops: )
  13. B@stards, just asked my local Nandos after reading this thread to confirm and they said yes. I've been about 5 times before and asked the first time and was told no!