MOD 90 Date of birth in the late 90's

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Zero_Over, May 8, 2011.

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  1. After chatting to people on another thread, I've been wondering what changes the MOD 90 went through in the 90s (without discussing security features)?

    People have said that before 1995 it could be used as travel ID in some areas and Grey_mafia has her old MOD 90 from 1989-ish which has a date of birth on it. A quick check with a couple of my former colleagues has confirmed nothing as they all remember different things!

    Can anyone else who served in the late 90s confirm if I've gone nuts, or if the MOD 90 did indeed lose the date of birth for a few years?
  2. The DOB has always been there in the time I've been in (since 97 - cue crow noises). The only real change has been the introduction of the rank and the loss of the signature.
  3. They got rid of the blood type and put on height a while back. Because obviously the MPGS are going to give you a quick measure up on the front gate. Date of Birth's always been on it though.
  4. My first one was a salmon pink laminated card with a photo of a gormless kid holding a board with a regimental number, convict style, under his grid and no DoB. The next one I got was a greenish plastic credit card type thing, but I'm pretty sure this didn't have a DoB on either. That was mid 90's though so the next pattern perhaps did change?
  5. I got mine in 1996 ish (crow noises here too!) and it was the credit card sized one with magnetic strip on the back. It had my number on but I don't recall my rank being on it. I just spoke to someone who I served with and he had one with no DOB, lost it (naughty boy) and got issued a later pattern one with a DOB on it. I'm confused now!
  6. The one from the late 90's had (and still has) the DOB but not the rank.
  7. We started to introduce an expiry date (for the photo I presume) relatively recently; rank and height were also added, signature removed. My first MOD 90 was a laminated card with an original b&w photo of me stuck to it; washing machine proof it was not.
  8. Mine was washing machine proof. It was not, however, "being ironed in the pocket of barrack dress trousers" proof.
  9. I don't think the expiry was for the photo. I've still got my post-CFT, red puffy faced, semi-downs inflicted picture from basic training on mine and this is a newer card issued about 4 years ago.
  10. Late 80's up till around 1993 it was the old brown looking MOD90, when rumours about PAYD were first introduced around 1995ish they introduced the one with the strip on the back with basic details (many had presumed this would enable you to swipe your card at scoff times to be billed for meals but with the civvy Dick turpins wanting their money up front and not having to wait till the following month when meals were counted up that idea was scrapped). The Rank appeared later and yes the DOB did dissappear for a while..........seen many different varients of the new style green one over the years....maybe depends on what company were producing them.
  11. Thank god for that! I thought I was going nuts for a minute. I distinctly remember 17 year olds trying to get served for beer by flashing MOD 90s but getting turned down because there was no DOB on them!
  12. Having joined in 1990 i was issued my pink ID card after a year at junior bleeders and it was indistructable where as the credit card type these days are sh1t!
  13. How times have changed. No need for ID cards in my day. A gentleman's word was his bond and if you told some débutante that you were Lord Mountbatten, she'd believe you.

    The Yanks are bringing in techno ID cards for their military and civil service. Bar codes printed all over them and more embedded chips than a fat lass in KFC.
  14. That's because the written word had yet to reach Britain.
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  15. It was also very hard to carry round a lump of slate in your pocket in those days whe A_M joined.