MOD 90 black strip

Not too sure on EVERYTHING it's used for but I recall whenever I was CDT'd they would put your ID in a machine and, I think, record the dates of your CDT.

I've have seen it used in 3 different ways:

1. As Lance said, during CDT, the card is swiped to fill in some of the details into the software which tracks your sample.
2. On arrival/prior to departure from an op theatre. The Theatre Reception Centre will use this information to amend your unicom records for pay/lssa/medal stuff
3. Some locations run by civvie's (Qinetiq etc) will use your id card to create a "fast track" signing-in and pass issue system. Rather than queue at the desk for an hour, once you have been to the place, you are on the system. The computer then reads your details and will issue you a pass.

IIRC, there is some rule that states the only information that can be stored on the card must be printed in Human-readable form. Therefore, it could only contain your No, name, blood group etc

it's like a squaddie loyalty card for pay as you dine. 100 or more breakfast fry-ups and you get a free cardio-bypass. :eek:

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