MOD 90 as a form of civ ID

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PK, Jul 8, 2006.

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  1. PK

    PK Old-Salt

    Having just attempted (unsuccessfully) to buy a new phone I've found myself up against the old "sorry we don't accept your MOD 90 as a recognised form of ID". Surely it's an offical document which contains a nice little picture of me, signature, DoB and so on. Even more stuff is contained on the new MOD 90's apparantly. The bank I'm with accepted it as a form of ID but mobile phone shops, pubs, clubs and so on don't seem to accept it particulary as a proof of age (what with me looking rather youthfull and all that :p ). Does anyone know why certain companies won't accept MOD 90's as a form of ID?
  2. I think that it's up to each organisation what they accept as form of ID but I know that banks accept it as a form of anti-money laundering identity confirmation. Strange that the mobile 'phone company won't though. Hmm. Name 'n' shame, perhaps?
  3. i had the same problem, ask to see a list of which ones they will accept and it is usually there... well it was for orange anyway.
  4. PK

    PK Old-Salt

    That would be Orange. They wanted two forms of photo ID which also had a signature on it. To me a MOD 90 fits that criteria... On a side note Vodafone were more than happy to sell me a phone using one form of photo ID however I used my driving license for that one.

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  5. I suppose it comes down to what the guys are familiar with. If they don't come into contact with MOD 90's very often then chances are they won't know if it's a fake one or indeed if they recognise it at all. Whereas passports and drivers licence are common place.
  6. Try Phones 4 U they DEFINITELY accept MOD90's as ID.
  7. I was a pub bouncer for many years and if some one showed me an ID card as a proof of age I would let them in no problem,and almost certainly get them a drink!!
  8. I got on a domestic flight today (with Flybe) and they accepted my MOD90 as proof of ID no problem. Would have thought that if an airline accepts it then a phone company would too.
  10. perhaps some companies do not accept MOD 90 because unlike a driving liscence, it does not have your address on it. Banks and other firms need a valid address for credit check purposes so that might be why.

    Rhodesian which pub are you working at now? I fancy a pint
  11. MoD90 as a civvie id document. isn't that some sort of oxymoron? :lol:
  12. Unfortunately the new ID card does not have a Signature strip on it anymore.
  13. Had the complete opposite experience in the US recently.

    As it was part of an ex we got into the country on our ID cards and then proceeded to us them to get drunk and qualify for the government discount. However one lad got refused service when he tried to use his UK driving licence.

    Can't see what the problem is with a national ID card scheme considering the US and Germany have been doing it for years.
  14. PK

    PK Old-Salt

    Couldn't 'the industry' have a word amongst themselves and decide if they will or will not accept MOD 90's. It is an offical document after all, says so on the back :wink: Failing the MOD 90 situation I'll just have to remember to pull my passport out of that safe place that I always forget about before I go shopping.

    That'd make life easier too methinks.

    On a drinking side of things I tend to use my driving license as I've found that some establishments don't appreciate large groups of young male soldiers drinking there . . . odd that . . . :p

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  15. also they can not be photcopied so if the company need to keep a record of your id they can't
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