mod 5 51bde today

my unit admin has been a little lax, and the only info i have for the mod 5 weekend is an arrival time, has anyone else got any details?
Then get a grip of them. That's what being an officer as about.

You should, just not in the same manner ;)

Anyway you've left it a bit late to ask...
Kit? Take wetproofs and a smock in case there is an outdoors element - you should be wearing CS95 anyway.

Evening wear? You would be mental to go anywhere without a suit and a clean shirt on a hanger.

Sports Kit? Presumably you would be going for a run in the morning if there was no phys programmed anyway.

Money? I'm sure you will be delighted to know there is a cash bar in the Lion Centre.

There is no field element as such but you can never go wrong with a daysac - you need something to carry your notebooks, pens, pencils, mobile phones and the extra assorted p1sh you youngsters can't survive without anyway.

Be sure and introduce yourself to Blair_Witch who will be there. And watch out for a brief visit from this C/S - witch will point me out I'm sure.

Anything else troubling you - pm me for my phone number and I will give you any assistance I can.

Edit to add - also watch out for 2 Full Cols TA who a little bird tells me will be coming to visit ;)

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