MoD 4x4 trucks whats worth buying .which to avoid.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by who8blah, Jan 20, 2008.

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  1. Have done a major web search for details on Ex army trucks , used to drive The MJ in New Zealand and the Australian forest services,
    Whats the better truck the Leyland DAF or the Bedford TM.
    Want to use it as a mine support vehicle in Australia.
    Ie parts,ease of service, comfort to drive, handle true off road and carry 5000kg.
  2. That rules out the TM then...bag of sh*t.
  3. The MJ is the best by far off road.
    If it had a tilting cab and power steering it would be the dogs danglies.

    The DAF is sh1t off road but has a lower centre of gravity than the TM. Just try and get a shot of both then make you're mind up.
  4. Just make sure that it has the old style tyres as the new ones get clogged to easily, piece of pi55 to fix (clutch in about 40 mins)
  5. I bought three MJs over 11 years ago now for use at a mine in Tanzania. They gave excellent service and spare parts were easy to come by. Had to get rid of the canvas and supports at the back, which were too delicate, and weld new cages on to take locally-made covers. Lightweight diesel L/Rs were good, too.

    Edit: the MJs were 1x troop carrier with pax benches, 1x HIAB crane and 1x POL vehicle. Very useful indeed, and 1/10 the cost of anything else on the market at the time, including shipping.
  6. There will be lots of MJ's up for grabs over the next few years with the introduction of the SV. MJ's are still the best option.
  7. Thankyou gentlemen,
    If can summerize
    The TM is as useful as Tits on a bull, and the best thing to do is avoid them.
    The MJ is the better choice for off road work, simple realiable but slow.and no power steering
    The DAF is not great off road but can handle the average stuffed up forestry track .
    So what are the refurbished marshall trucks that tend to be refueler ,listed at Withams? they say its a MJ but has a different cab on them.

    I'm sort of tending to the DAF as its got a resale value, or is it really just a piece of scrap?
  8. The refurbished Befords are better in the cab but the steering wheel was made smaller and so harder to steer, and if i remember rightly still no power steering. I dont know what you budget is, and iam slightly bias, but can you stretch to a MAN KAT truck?
    These are the older verisons of the Armys new one. German Army just bought a load of new types and you may pick a 4x4 version up over there.
    They may be more expensive to buy but they are used on Dakar Stages as both racing and support trucks and you cant beat them.
  9. If you're intending to use these sorts of vehicles for mine support activities (on haul roads, open pit, admin to nearest town etc) they won't have much more than 5 or 6 years' worth of use in them if you're lucky, and they won't have a resale value other than for a few parts. If the vehicle is to be used solely on haul roads/open pit it will deteriorate even quicker. The mining environment is considerably harder on any vehicle than any (peacetime) military one. At the prices being quoted from the likes of Witham, you're getting a bargain. New, purpose-built equivalents are at least $50,000 and up.
  10. my contractors currently run 18- 8x8 MAN 27.5 meter long road trains hauling logs.
    I know MAN's better than most.I agree with you, they are a ausome truck. the situation here is that the mining boom consumes all available trucks,and means that even the sh!ttest Jap 4x4 std truck cost more than you would believe.
  11. I do know that there is a after market bolt on power steering kit for a MJ.
  12. Suggest you look at the OKA an Australian designed and built mine support unit
  13. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Oooh, to be working in the aussie mine industry now is like printing money, last man to perth loses though..