Decided to jump ship and think about a commission in the infantry. I have a CO interview soon and then be put foward for MOD 4. I take it that this process is AOSB etc?
Gosh, you've done your homework.

Pretty sure mod 1 2 and 3 are done at your unit. You then need to attend AOSB briefing and main board, then Mod 4 is at Sandhurst then Mod 5 back with your unit as a 2nd Lt.
Plenty of info of the briefing and main board in the AOSB thread. :)

The TA CC (3 weeks long - Modules 4a and 4b); The Gap Year CC (5 weeks long); The Professionally Qualified Officers (PQO) Course (4 weeks long) aka the vicars and tarts course; The Instructors Cadre (4 weeks) to select SNCO instructors; Rowallan Cadre (in suspended animation) - aka the Highland School of Fieldcraft Training, Rowallan Company and the Sandhurst Development Course
Are you on an extended wind up here?


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