MOD £7billion in lost kit

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tropper66, Aug 20, 2009.

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  1. In todays Telegraph 7billion FFS who's running the stores
  2. The assets weren't "lost", but the supply chain wasn't able to prove to the NAO beyond reasonable doubt that they existed. The majority (£5Bn) is for consumables such as gas or oil, where paperwork may have slipped, and as such people can't prove they ever had it in their charge.

    Lesson here for all staff, no matter how junior, make sure your record keeping of stores and consumables is as accurate as possible!
  3. That is approx 3,8 billion gallons of crude oil or a large convoy of super tankers swaning around somwhere
  4. The lost property office must be big.
  5. The National Audit Office has refused to 'sign off' the Ministry of Defence's accounts.

    Two points, firstly will the head of the MOD resign (Ainsworth - Stirrep)?

    Secondly, the MOD just like the European Soviet Union - inauditable!

    Constantly recurring 'cuts and civilianisation' spring to mind as reasons, but this gang of street yobs - see Point 1 above -currently running the MOD will blame, will blame - er, oh! I know - the RLC, all 'Pussers' and the RAF equivalent.
  6. Apparently DSDA couldn't lay their hands on all the 1033s; So its the paperwork that's missing, not the kit. Unless its laptops, loads of them are missing.
  7. maybe a civvie consultancy contract (£billions), a blue sky thinking think tank and some organic root to leaf restructuring will help....
  8. or a good old-fashioned stores trawl.
  9. Long ago, MoD had an office in Liverpool called the"Equipment Accounting Centre". Their job, rather obviously, was to provide a central facility to account for issued equipment.

    I think they were disbanded, or at least their terms of reference diluted, when they issued a more coruscating report than the NAO would ever be capable of. The details are difficult to remember, but it involved the RAF issuing instructions to a host of contractors to scrap all the spares they held (in support of repair contracts), and on the same day initiating replacement buys through the same contractors. Having been paid for the existing spares, I wonder if they actually did scrap them, or just sell them to us a second time............
  10. Its a bit like the Donnington fire in the 80s.

  11. The whole accounting for resources and equipment, particularly in Land and DSDA, is a mess. This is largely due to awful accounting systems, lack of procedures (or lack of following procedures) and high tempo without the resources to match.

    No excuses - just reasons why it is so bad. It is almost nothing to do with 'stores'. Back in your box tropper.
  12. For some reason, it would appear that they cannot find three billion quids worth of ammunition, they know they bought it, and put it into the stores - but they cannot find it now...
  13. No RQMS worth his salt would let a small matter of being diffy 7 billion pounds worth of kit come to light.
  14. When you consider that the 2006 total defence budget was £55 billion this is a vast amount of money and the incompetentes involved in loosing it is unbelievable that is the cost of over 100 Chally2s