Mockingbird placement

Plastic strap off, two plastic tie/cuff things attatched to webbing strap 3/4 way up on rear of helmet.
Take the big gay elastic strap off, cut a notch on each side and slip onto the elastic of the helmet cover.

As for placement, that is sometimes dictated by SOPs as is which way the batteries should be in. Failing that stick it on the back of your lid.
I don't have the SOI to hand (it's in the office) but for 16X i'm pretty sure it's placed down the centre line of the helmet, 3/4 of the way up, on the back. As someone already said - get rid of the shitty elastic strap & thread it through the HMNVS strap.
Cheers guys, and not a single sarcastic comment, surprised is not the word.

Don't really want to start a new thread for this next bit, nor do I want go give anyone any ideas. When people talk about us not bein allowed to modify our helmets, what on earth would or could you do? Don't get me wrong, I wholly agree that no protective equipment should be user modified. I remember well our section checks on H9 having to show unmodified helmet and osprey plates complete with rubber surrounds.
Guessing you will have enough shite attatched to your helmet i.e nvg holder.mag light loops etc you wouldn't have much room for modification?


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Don't stick it on the back of your helmet as you'll blind the guy behind you.

Put it on the side with a piece of brown fabric tape over it to dampen the effect so that you can still be seen, but again, wont blind anyone else.

Don't forgot, they have NVG capabilities, you don't want to make it too obvious where you are. Not that it matters much, they'll still find you. :)

As for modifying kit, that's easy. Cutting off straps, cutting off push buttons, spraying your helmets with that glue and sticking crap on it to make it more au naturale. There's loads of stuff you can do. When the new helmets came in, the big thing in fashion was to spray them and glue stuff to it such as sand grains or fabric tape which you scrunch up into ruffles.

It sounds crazy, but it actually worked incredibly well, better than the issue covers. However, for the brief time you might have to wear it in camp, you look like a cnut. :)
I though mockingbirds were for air to ID ground forces. Also i thought theyb had to be set to a certain code otherwise they look like muzzles flashes at 10 thousand feet. mine is still in its wrapper in the shed, never used. however the batteries do fir the petzl survial torch which is nice!

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