Why've they missed off violet? Has it offended the precious little LGBTXYZABC+-/* freaks...?
You eagle-eyed shizzler, would you like a job at HM Office of Equality and Diversity
Why Orwell’s 1984 could be about now

( Snip) He and his fellow workers are controlled as a mass collective by the all-seeing and all-knowing presence of Big Brother. In 1984 television screens watch you, and everyone spies on everyone else. Today it is social media that collects every gesture, purchase, comment we make online, and feeds an omniscient presence in our lives that can predict our every preference. Modelled on consumer choices, where the user is the commodity that is being marketed, the harvesting of those preferences for political campaigns is now distorting democracy.
"In the US, sales (of 1984) surged as people searched for a way of getting to grips with the reality of the Trump administration." What? Where did that come from? I did wonder about 1984 from a BBC angle...

Jean Seaton is Professor of Media History at the University of Westminster and Director of the Orwell Foundation.


Jean Seaton - Wikipedia

"She is the Director of the Orwell Prize and on the editorial board of Political Quarterly."

The Political Quarterly - Wikipedia


Centre left is better than far left I suppose..
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NSP brought to you by the same 4Chan bunch that gave America Qanaon then set themselves up as Qanaon investigators and decoders then rinsed a load of the orange fat knackers MAGA cult via PayPal and Patreon. They aren't interested in politics they just like making waves and money so they don't have to get real jobs.
The part of that article about the 2 minute hate struck a chord.
Go onto any of facebooks leftist news feeds and say anything bad or not in line with their ideas to experience it yourself.
Right, Any gamers out there will know what an NPC is, see the vid I posted by PJW, he pretty much covers it in the first 5 mins. The meme basically got rebooted with the online community, most of which are gamers, most of which do not like leftism.
The whole bloody thing has now been wittingly adopted by any conservative/republican who can identify leftist dogma in everyday life, be it personalities, current events and relentless repetitive rhetoric, The drivel.

Because it all becomes so dronish and pointless, discussing ANY issues with people who can not/will not listen to anybody else's view outside their own version of reality (the left). It has become very easy to manipulate images of aforementioned current events, rhetoric etc with a simple photo edit to replace the faces of the culprits with this famous NPC cartoon which simply depicts a replicated, scripted and predictable "non-player character".

The worldwide result has been instant leftist and snowflake minion outrage, NPC is a visual depiction of what and who they are without any words attached, like them looking in the mirror at themselves and their dogma.
The reaction has been, well how do I put this......scripted and predictable, Just like NPC's, which to the people (me included) who have to live with the shit they have socially created.......fycking priceless.
The fact the left cannot come up with anything in meme world that is in the same class speaks for itself, They just resort to ad-hom attacks or banning the criticism.

Now about that last meme I posted, In gaming, you NPC's and enemy NPC's, ie in Call of duty development any friendly forces are NPC (not you, not killable) and enemy NPC (not you, but killable)
So, NPC being a typical leftist drone and enemy NPC being the radical far left thugs of Antifa, The so-called Anti-Fascists. Which is why I was a bit chuckled at an accusation of thinking the bloody services are fascist, certainly not a leftist in the and sure as **** am not a far-leftist.

Hope that helps.
it might last a few weeks, like all things the left gets outraged about, but we are going to see some corkers, that's for sure.

And I don't take drugs or drink (much) on worknights.
Also applies to the right in equal measure.
Had to google him.
Heratic! Burn him*

*or her**

**or It***

***or they/Them or whatever the fuck we are supposed to call people these days. It'll have a fucking 'x' in it somewhere.
Social media produces more sheep than any other medium, and the amount of people who believe 100% in something they see on facebook without an ounce of personal research is frightening, so yes it does, and it should.
Not on FB.
ARRSE is the only site I use, and I KNOW that everything posted on here is factual and truthful.

(I may be taking the piss a little bit)

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