Mobilized but bored

I am on Op Herrick but feeling unchallenged by my pigeon-holed job.
Can anyone provide advice on what options are open to me, if any,
for moving around units or doing something different. - Or am I basically stuck with my receiving Regiment ?

No-one ever said it was going to be interesting....

I would have thought that the CofC was your first step...


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Having experienced Ops from both sides of the fence - Reg and as Mobilised TA - I can state quite conclusively that most work on Ops is boring. Often mind numbingly so. Get used to it, I'm afraid. It's what the Regs do for a living - at least you can escape in a few months!
What trade/unit are you?

Speak to your boss and see if there are any units who need extra bods. Then offer to fill some of these jobs when your are not too busy/off rota.

Ask your boss for more work. Steal other peoples work! :)
See if there are any courses you fancy doing from the theatre education centre. You have to study in your own time, and it breaks the days up doing somthing different. Or you could channel your frustrations into Op Massive
Borings great, it means no cnuts shooting at you and you are doing your job properly
Welcome to the reality of Op Tours ;)

Choose something you would like to learn about
Get onto
Order the books

Do you need any quals for your next promotion?



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msr said:
Welcome to the reality of Op Tours
Speak for yourself Princess :wink:


At the very first opportunity transfer to the Infantry. Go on another tour. Get shot at. Fix swords. Kill Chummy. Boredom cured.

Go on, you know it makes sense!
As others have said, the idea that op tours (or even fully-fledged wars for that matter) consist of endless gunshots and glory is a myth. For most people, most of the time, operations mean drudgery and boredom, punctuated with the odd angry shot (even if that just means the occasional mortar landing inside the wire). It was ever thus. Operations which have survived in the popular imagination as visions of hell on earth - the Great War springs to mind - were 'routine' for a most blokes, engaged as they were in supporting the front line.

Whatever it is that you are doing and no matter how laughable the idea may be from your perspective, it is a job that is vitally important to the operation. If it wasn't, you wouldn't be there. So you have a choice: you can bitch and moan and mope around with a sad-on and come home with some sort of guilt complex over having not been out on the ground much or you can treat your tour as a holiday, shine your arse, get wasted and generally act in a way that is supremely insulting to those you are meant to be supporting. Or - and this is the one I'd advise you to plump for - you can work your guts out in whatever it is you do, knock the booze on the head for the duration of the tour, enjoy the company of whoever you happen to have been thrown in with and look back at pride in what you did when you're 65. Even if you are the mattress storeman in Kabul, you're only a REMF if you choose to conduct yourself as one. Otherwise you are a professional British soldier supporting other British soldiers to the best of your ability.

Then make sure you ask for something different next time you get mobilised!
Not an answer, but a story. My 1st tour some bright lad from the D&D's complained to the CVSM that he was bored......2 weeks later his biceps were like garths and the tank park had been swept to bedrock........Result...No longer bored doughnut.....
i hope when i go in october i get pigeon holed to a boring job, but knowing my luck i normally sh1t out
Deleted 20555 said:
Transfer to the infantry.
Correction: 'Regular' Infantry. Currently on OP HERRICK 8 as part of Bastion FP Coy - never been so bored in all my life. Even wanking has lost it's appeal.

Having said that, I've a winning tan and sculpted guns, so it's not all bad :D
eSeL said:
lol - I'm tired of wiping spunk on sandbags, or judas-ing the binos, or even the "what if I shoot it into the Blue fan..."
Be grateful for it. Better that than coming home in a bag.

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