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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by heard_it_all_before, Mar 20, 2012.

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  1. As I look from my shop window I regularly see the same people walking up and down the high street, but then, on certain days, they wizz about on a mobility scooter. I even just had one pair park up outside and then stroll around the store bopping away to the music with not a care in the world.!

    Is it me being a cynical cunt, or are these people just taking the piss!!
  2. NO.. your not being cynical... too many of them trying to manipulate the system by getting what they are not entitled too.
  3. Either

    a) They are just idle twats


    b) They know which days the benefits agency investigators are in the area

    or less cynically

    c) they have Multiple Sclerosis and have good days and bad days
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  4. My main observation, is that to a person all those using mobility scooters under the age of about 50, without genuine disabilities are complete tubs of lard.

    Is it any fucking wonder you are obese, get off your fucking fat arse and walk. Cunt.

    Aaand breath!

    Rant over.

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  5. where do i get mine
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  6. I went to Peterborough a few weeks back to watch my mates lad play ice hockey, there was a Rileys across the road so we went for a pint as we had an hour before face off and it was packed out with the fucking things.

    There were four parked up next to the bar while their fat owners played snooker. Each one had the usual basket on the front complete with cuddly toys, learner plates, personalised number plates and fucking keyrings hanging off them.

    I'm sure that mobility scooters are a God send to those with genuine mobility issues / illnesses and the aged. Sadly I only see fat fucking dole wallah's sat on the fucking things. Do they get money knocked off one if they spend more than an hour a day in a Wetherspoons?
  7. Can't remember who by but heard them described as Obesecycles. Liked it.
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  8. I also have MS and I seem to manage without a scooter.
  9. Taking the piss how? So they prefer to ride around like a twat rather than walk, what's it to you?

    Please explain what you think they're getting that they're not entitiled too? Do they have to have a blue badge on it and present it to busy-body nobodies? No! Do they drive about laughing hysterically because they're ripping of the UK taxpayer? I doubt it
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  10. But which came first?

    The dibilitating obesity with rings of fat weighing them down like a 1940's diving suit?

    Or the electric spaz-scutter making them fat from inactivity?
  11. I must remember that one!


  12. Bizarrely we nearly bought one of the damned things for my father in law. He had cancer which had spread into his bones, which was making it very painful to walk from time to time. SWMBO had a gander at a few, but decided we'd better wait and let him have a look himself, as he was 6'5" tall so had to be sure it was right for him.
    As it happens, the following Wednesday the cancer claimed him, thus stopping him the enjoyment of getting in the way in shops, running over people's feet and generally taking the piss!

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  13. Whats most ironic is that they happily scoff on fatboy burgers from a mobile lardvan whilst in control of the fattymobiles. Similar size fatty people to these are a regular occurrence in my local town's high street............

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  14. I love the ones that emit a loud beeping when going backwards. All that's needed to top it off is a recodred voice going "CAUTION, VEHICLE REVERSING!" over and over.
  15. There's a couple of porkers in Hull who cut around on a tandem mobility scooter, it looks a botch job and is flimsy as fuck but the pikey cunts zoom everywhere on it.

    I hurt me leg so decided to go out in my ride on mower, it was great booling along scattering fat cunts on scooters in my wake.

    PS I'm also a fat cunt but at least I hurt my leg in the gym.

    PPS I made that up about the ride on mower, I don't have one but if I did Geronimow!!


    Ave it!