Mobility Scooters, menace or not?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crimsonhussar, Apr 26, 2012.

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  1. So have any arrsers had any bad dealings with an idiot on a mobility scooter? I cant say that i have any myself but it seems those that commented on this story think that the spackers and fat idle cunts should be licensed and insured to drive the things around this fair country of ours? I do believe that they are today's 'fad' especially for fat idle twats that cant be arsed to walk anywhere but have never had any bad incidents with one myself.

    Girl, 9, suffers horrific leg break after out-of-control mobility scooter smashes into her at shop checkout | Mail Online
  2. While in the UK in Oct/Nov I wondered at the number of Mob scooters whizzing around down precincts, out of shops and around corners with no regard for pedestrians.
    Those using them look as if a bit of a good walk now and again would cure most of their 'disabilities'.
    Getting worse here in NZ, but at least they're driven by OAPs, not just fat lazy cnuts puffing on a tab as they mow their way through life.
  3. Couple of years ago, waiting in the break clinic at hospital to have a broken arm looked at, nocked off my chair by a fat Cnut and his out of control fat chariot.
  4. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    I'm pretty well housebound at the moment thanks to a, uhm, old war wound (honest guv) and would love one of those for a few hours a week. Our town is crawling with overweight, puffy legged, diabetes bound, high blood pressure suffering, chain smoking barrage balloons and they are as arrogant as cyclists or runners. Rant over.
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  5. They are a feckin' dangerous nuisance & the vast majority of the users are lard arsed lazy bastards who don't need them. At the very least it should be compulsory that they have insurance.

    This'll be the craze next;

  6. My mother in law needs one for walking more than a few hundred yards (she's not the standard issue fat mess you usually see with them, she needs it due to fucked hips, knees and heart).

    One of the funniest things in life is to wait till you see one that's been left outside a shop while the owner's inside and turn the speed setting up as high as it will go (it's only a little dial somewhere around the handlebars) then watching the unsuspecting raspberry take off at Mach 2 when they get back on.
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  7. Had to pull a shoplifter in one of these contraptions once; helps to know where the kill-switch is located to avoid a broken leg.
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  8. They are of Satan.
  9. I love mine.

    Get out the feckin way...Beep Beep.
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  10. Menace ? Pah...The Red Wheelies have been entertaining crowds for years...look out for the syncro pair.....they have a closing speed of 12mph dont you know.....

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  11. They're great for ensuring elderly and disabled folk have some sort of independence. Fortunately, the people with a genuine need for them tend to be quite decent in the way they drive them.

    What winds me up no end are the fat, unhealthy fucks who use them for their daily trip to the local shop to spunk their welfare money on lottery tickets, tabloid newspapers and cigs. They drive at full pelt (which is actually a pretty decent speed - probably equivalent to a fast jog) and move over for no cunt.

    Combat indicators are:

    - Fat
    - In their 50's
    - Miserable expressions
    - Husband and wife teams (chances of a husband and wife with a decent lifestyle both needing one before old age?)
  12. I am anticipating needing one of these in the next say 30 years - I reckon a racing model in British Racing Green, go faster stripes and fluffy dice. I will drive it down to the Post Office to collect me pension and run over the dole bludgers whilst setting about left and right with my umbrella at the feckless, scroungers, hoodies and other mal-contents whilst shouting in a very loud voice - 'Wait your turn - I served my country!'. Also I think I will have a 9 millie under the leg in case of aggro from the same.
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  13. Anyone who can't pass a PFT should be euthanised, then we wouldn't have any problems like this.
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  14. Well that's half the AGC & most of the RLC sorted then, wouldn't be any need for further cutbacks.
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