Mobility scooter offered to ex-servicemen

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Dunservin, Apr 7, 2010.

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  1. Any takers? No traders!

    Mobility scooter offered to ex-servicemen
  2. Yup, we've had the same problems. Under all the H + S laws we couldn't give one away either. When a person has a mobility scooter issued an Occupational Therapist and the Scooter firm have to go out and assess their needs etc.
    Bit daft but that's they way it goes!
  3. If buggy is not that old and in good order - Ring the Royal Hospital Chelsea (Chelsea Pensioners) as they took one of us last year and keep them in a pool to use. Each Pensioner gets an induction course if need be.

    A local transport company transported it to London for free.
  4. Mobility scooters are never issued by OT or the NHS - they are not a prescription based mobility aid. Electric wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs are prescribed, mobility scooters are bought by people who can't walk long distances...

    The problem is that the process for getting an outdoor electric wheelchair is that long-winded and takes such a long time, that people are sometimes forced into mobility scooters as their need is desperate - it can take up to three years to be prescribed an outdoor electric wheelchair! Once someone has a scooter, they aren't entitled to any NHS or Social Services support for them as they are 'private', so you can't get any ramps or storage built in your house using public funds - as you can for wheelchairs etc..