Mobilisiation blocked?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TA_sig, Jun 5, 2006.

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  1. From another arrser who can't log in...
  2. I requested to be mobilised last year but i was told i would not receive compulsary papers,

    Instead a phone call was made to my employers requesting my services - they said no so i was unable to go.

    A friend of mine requested mobilisation with another unit he is with and received his compulsary mobilisation papers within a few weeks.

    Just seems bit barmy to me when you have ppl that want to be mobilised and they wont yet ppl are receiving mobilisation papers out of the blue.

    Rant over....

    Ill get my coat......

    **edited due to mong spelling
  3. We've been advised that the Colonel will not release anyone for compulsory mobilisation with any other unit (eg Londons). No reason given but clearly he does not want anyone to be out of synch with the rest of the Bn but people have their own lives and careers to also consider and there will be vacancies that will need to be filled.
  4. I asked to be mobilised in february and I've not had a sniff from any one. My PSAO is top notch and jumped all over the adj when he wouldn't get his finger out, but now its gone up 2 the Bde and thats the last that I've heard. I've been wanting to deploy for 4 months now...

    T C

    Edited due to cider induced spellage ( its a bit like spelling and a bit like spillage...both happend whilst i was typing!)
  5. could be something to do with the timing of brigade hand overs. Iraq usually happens march/april. In order to be mobilised, OPTAGed and passed to your unit for Ops you need to be mobilised no later than February. Call out notices go out in January, take off the xmas break and you can see that most of the staff work of filling slots with reservists is done in November/December so notifying your chain of command in february that you are available is too late for the summer holiday, you may however find yourself called up for a winter sun break.

    If you follow the path back for the winter tour then you will deploy October/November, call out August, staff work June/July. So you can probably expect a big brown envelope in the next couple of months. Unless of course they don't want you in which case what's it like being unloved??? :lol:

    The only exceptions to the timelines above would be if a specialist was required for a particular role and at the time you announce your availability it is still vacant. In these circumstances you can find the whole process so slick it makes your head hurt and you could find your call out notice on the doormat by return post with 7 days to report to chilwell and then conduct your optag en route to brize for the flight out... ok I exaggerate slightly but you get my point hopefully.

    If you still find yourself without a brown envelope the other thing you can do is log onto the army website and look at the FTRS vacancies you can usually walk straight into a job if you are qualified and pass the selection process but the terms and conditions can be nowhere near as good as being mobilised
  6. It's tough on you, but this seems like the first step in intelligent mobilisation. I wonder just how many get the brown envelope, turn up at Chilwell, then find out that their employers have obtained a deferral.
  7. There cant be that many people who want to volunteer for the sandpit these days. well, I did, but my OC wont sign me on again. How low can you get. It would have been a nice way to finish my career with the army and even Land said I was within the age limits and I believe I am fit enought.
  8. Yeah, but to be frank, your OC is being a cocck so there's no wonder Bobos - quit that sqn and go join someone else. Must be an inf regiment or someone needing a signals guru on strength, or join the specialist sqns.
  9. ta_sig, bobos situation is discussed on the Sigs forum (not in detail obviously)
  10. Thanks for the response, but when I said Bde I ment 2 Med Bde, in case this makes a difference. Do you know the rough timig for afghan? I asked primarily to be sent there, as I am a CMT2 and didn't fancy 6 months of box painting and stagging on!

    T C
  11. TC, I asked for both Affy and Iraq and was told they were only looking for CMT 1's from 2 MED. Enquired about getting an RMA attachment and was told that was not on either, so it looks like I'm stuck for another year. :-(
  12. Well my unit wont let me do my CMT1 unitll i've got more experience! I can do my CMT1 in december, but they want me to deploy first... But I cant deploy as a Class 2... Its so stupid! I can't even get a Med Cover, because you need to be a class 1. It seems you need to be a Class 1 to get the experience that you need to go on the course....

    T C
  13. My day job involves, mainly, project work. By (PRINCE2) definition, a project has a finite period and an end.

    For me, a good time, therefore, to go OOA is at the end of a project, before being re-assigned to another one. In line with this concept, I have approached Sqn staff on 4 occasions in the last 6 years (had a couple of loooooong projects), to express my interest in and approaching availability for deployment. On each occasion, the response has come back that, unless I am available to go at the same time as everyone else on a roulement, then nyet interested. As none of my project cycles coincided with tour cycles, I have yet to deploy.

    A footnote on this - I have been asked several times if I might be interested in a deployment, but as I was deeply involved in a project at the time, I declined.

    Whilst I am not so selfish as to think that the military should deploy me at my convenience, such intrasigence means that I am unlikely, on odds, to go OOA.