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We all know TA service is not pensionable (the Bounty being the MoD"s main case against it). However, mobilised service is now, since the 6th April 2005 pensionable under the new Reserve Forces Pension Scheme 05 (RFPS05) if you take that option at the RTMC.

From my own experience of the RFPS05 is pays fcku all compared to what Regulars receive on the AFPS75 and even their newer AFPS05 (in pro rata to time served).

I would like to know if the Part Time Workers (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2000 apply to the TA and Regular Reservists when on voluntary mobilised service in Iraq and Afghanistan. I know that the usual TA training time are not subject to these Regulations but they do state that part time employees are entitled by law to the same occupational pension scheme (in pro rata to time worked) as full time employees doing the same job.

In my own case I had hoped to add my mobilised time in Iraq (Op Telic 9)to my AFPS75 pension, like I have done before on mobilised tours, but was informed at the RTMC that this was no longer an option as I was now counted as a "New Entrant" (even though I have over 23 years full time service, a member of both the Reserve Forces and AFPS75 scheme who the MoD had asked to mobilise). To crown the insult they stated that Iraq and Afghanistan under a RFA96 Part 6 call out were NOT wars and that I had volunteered in peacetime. If I had of been re called under Part 7 then I could have added the time to my AFPS75 as both zones would have been classed as wars.
Any body any views?


They are not wars, so we arent losing lads then are we? The audacity of these cnuts astounds me!
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