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I currently hold a trainee position in civvy st which in years to come will lead to very good job, and am also a STAB.  
Without me going into too much detail and boring you all to tears, blokes from my unit have volunteered for GW2.  I want to do the same but my boss isn't  too hot on the idea of buggering off for a few months.
I've been told that if i volunteer then my job won't be protected, is this true?    


Check out the detail on the TA board, there's plenty of discussion there on this sort of thing and links to useful reference site.
The bad news however is that if you volunteer you don't have the job protection you get when you're actually called up.



The way round this one is intelligent mobilisation. I've sent you a message with my mobile number - give me a call and I'll tellyou what you need to do.


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Don't even think of 'volunteering'!  You've already done that by joining the STABs, so why do it again?

Seriously, if you can put your name forward to be mobilised, then that's different from 'volunteering'.  As far as I can make out, the system has now gone for grabbing people against LSNs and trade skills, so they may be grateful for a 'hint' that you are ready for Mob, as opposed to them sending papers to someone who doesn't want to go.

Again, check out the TA board for more info.


agree with all of what OldSnowy says but even if you do put yourself forward for mobilisation it si no guarantee for getting an envelope as the main criteria still appears to be whether or not your name is next to the right LSN.

(Some would say Wrong LSN but personally I think they should be shot for cowardice!)

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