Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by blankspace, Dec 2, 2007.

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  1. First post so take it easy! Im mobilising soon and have a few questions about chilwell, what exactly do you do there? Do you do your apwt etc, and is it a case of turn up and do it or do you get any practice. The reason i am asking is that i am at the moment not properly with a unit and so havent done an apwt etc for a good 6 months and dont have anyone to ask. cheers in advance
  2. Turn up, do some rudimentary lessons and then tests, it's easy enough but be prepared to be treated like shit by some of the DS. They forget that without you they would be surplus to requirements and seem to see those being mobilised as an annoyance!

    Take what training value you can and remember that its only 2 weeks there. Good luck and stay lucky!
  3. You will do your MATTS. Including CFT (8 Miles and a lovely big hill) and PFT. You will do your APWT at Beckingham Ranges.

    I am a Reg and went through just to get my MATTs completed (Chilwell was my administrating unit). I never saw any of the DS be anything less than professional to everyone.

    I suspect that a number of people can be dicks and have to be 'educated' by the DS.
  4. if you are not 'properly with a unit', how did you volunteer for mobilisation in the first place?

  5. Matts - cbrn, apwt @ beccinham, bcd/bls with a scenario involving a check point hit by suicide driver, in which the most junior rank has to be in command of the section dealing with the incident.. kit issue (loads of) reading theory re-cap and half a day at sherwood forest on nav exercise... medical exam.... dental check..... pay admin stuff.....pft & 6mile cft..... wills, insurance admin... thats the bulk of it mate....
  6. the DS are sound with you if your switched on and sound with them, I found too many of our guys had to have the some weekends and Tuesdays attitude knocked off them and generally they were the ones who had DS issues. RTMC is the best home unit you will have throughout your mobilisation they are only too happy to help in any way and fight your corner if needed, they are outstanding at cutting through Glasgow's bollocks and getting your pay correct.
  7. do as your told fella , screw the bobbing , its a good set up they have going on there , they have a job to do , and they do it well, as with previous comments they are there to help you not f-ck you about
    dont listen to all the big tall stories of heroes who have gone before you . make sure your fit and healthy, especially your teeth and be prepared to work hard and best of all good sense of humour

    all the best , keep safe fella
  8. Especially your teeth - I had a minor problem that could have been resoled by a few visits to a civvy dentist but on ops the RADC will go for the simple option everytime and yank it out! :x

    And yes - it f~cking does hurt!
  9. Cheers for all the info guys, i have recently been informed though that i will only be there for 2 days. Has anyone been there for two days, surely they cant cram all the above into 2 days.
  10. done the the big and little version mate
    all you will be doing is kit issue and admin wills , pay , all the clerical bits and bobs , and the medicals , make doubly sure your healthy, and again your teeth they will f-ck you off if they arnt up to scratch beleive me seen so many dudes get RTU, d for manky teethwhat they do to you after that mate , is usually pre ops training depending what unit your going with hope this helps fella
  11. You will be there two weeks.
  12. No, im there for two days!
    Cheers lads