Hi All,
I'm about to join the TA and have a question. I understand I can be compulsory mobilised at any time but can also volunteer to be? I have read the list of jobs available for the TA on FTRS but it also says that its unlikely that I will be posted abroad?
by posted abroad that means as in posting vacancies like cyprus, fi, bfg etc, not op tours. TA is not really same as FTRS, you would only really volunteer to go anyway, very very unlikely you would be compulsary called up.
Its called intelligent mobilisation these days. You 'volunteer' to be compulsory mobilised. This way you are protected under current RFA Legislation.

If you offer your self up and you have the skills then you will go. FTRS is more UK based but there are opportunities of overseas deployments - language course is one.


Iraq springs to mind :D

Wherever the regular army goes the TA may go so long as there is a need for your trade.
is that cyprus posting still on the cards then. havent heard much about it lately and my coc havent heard or are not admitting to have heard anyway

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