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Hi, i'm interested in joining the TA through sixth form and was wondering if i could be mobilised when i was in education.

Any help would be great

cheers :thumright:


very very unlikely, infact I'd say no. Even if you did you could appeal on the grounds of being in full time education. So crack on and join up.
You can't be mobilised while you're a student. Not in college anyway. You could in Uni but only if you volunteered to take a year out from education.

I joined the TA while I was in lower 6th form and went straight on tour as a gap year before uni. It's a fantastic little earner while you're in 6th form too. Try it
I can't believe that for as long as arrse has been running, no-one has asked this question.

Oh hang on a second...

Upon checking, it turns out it's been asked so many times it appears in the F*cking FAQs.

You're obviously too dim to look there, so I'll do the work for you:


War Hero
You wouldn't be mobilised under the age of 18


War Hero
cheers 4 the help guys

and my apologies to StabTiffy2B 4 bein a bit of a knob and not checking there 1st

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