Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by JohnDutch, May 9, 2006.

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  1. Is Mobilisation REALLy voluntary or are will you recieve a brown envolope if you are in the TA no matter what? How many here have been mobilised but didnt put their hand up for it?
  2. Hmmmm

    shock horror breaking news etc.
  3. msr

    msr LE


    All mobilisation is (currently) voluntary.

  4. Its intelligent mobilisation ! You volunter for a tour and are then mobilised . If your that worried better not join .
  5. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I dont feel that i stuck my hand up and said i'll go, but i did want to go. In my unit, it was a case of if you dont have a good reason to not go, then you have volunteered! The good reasons included;
    1/ Your employers would collapse without you, or you are self employed.
    2/ You are the primary carer for a loved one etc.

    That was basically it. If you didnt have one of these excuses, then you got mobilised. Having said that though, we did have lot of people binned during mobilisation and training. One guy went as his wife couldnt handle stress of him being away. The most notable one was the guy who sat down in the middle of a range crying saying he didnt want to go cos he missed his girlfriend. So instead of iraq, he got to sit on a lawnmower on a firing range in southern england for 6 months...
  6. Personally, I'd much prefer (and would welcome) the day when I get home and find that envelope courtesy of HM, on the floor.

    Doesn't mean I'm not constantly thinking of doing one from work and worrying about the consequences when I get back.

    I find it hard to accept people joining the TA who flat out refuse (without circumstances which depend on said individual) but I suppose to some it's a hobby, but to others it's part-time employment.
  7. Mobilisation criteria have varied wildly over the past few years so the only way to get info you can rely on is to go throught the CoC. Boring I know. That said, it could change anyway. The last thing I saw was a missive from HQ Land stating that no-one was to be mobilised unless they and their employer were happy.
  8. ALL mobilsation is strictly voluntary at all times

    I mean you volunteered to join the TA didn't you ?????
  9. It's not, contrary to popular belief some kind of social club, you don't get to pick and choose where your commitment ends, your either in or your out, if your not prepared to be mobilised get out.

    Just my opinion.

    I'm sick of people saying "i cant go cos my missus wont let me" etc

    I've heard the excuse "there are many soldiers who do a good job around the TA centre who (dont want to be mobilised/not fit enough)"

    if thats the case hand back your kit and join as a MOD employee.
  10. No, but it is on the other hand not the Regular Army and not one's main career. If one wished to be in the situation of constantly being available and on the brink of call up, then one would join the Regular Army.

    I can't be bothered to launch into this whole debate again as it has been better argued than I am able to, but I think it might be worth your looking back through the archives for amore balanced perspective on this.

    I am also unaware of any scheme whereby the MoD provides additional employees to help run TA Centres and TA units.
  11. Letter from employer stating they will not object is required before you will get mobilised.....
  12. hate to tell you this old chap but "constantly being available and on the brink of call up" is the reason why the british public pays millions of pounds training us.

    not so we can go on a jolly to salisbury plains,look war-y and watch things go bang.

    i realise some people dont like it,but you are taking money to do a job, part of that job requires that you be available if need be to get mobilised, no one is forcing you to take the money and stay in, were not conscripts.

    if you have any dramas with being called up you should leave as your not doing your job.

    i realise this opinion may offend but i dont really care, its where i stand and i hold up to it in real life away from the anonimity of the internet.
  13. msr

    msr LE


    When did you join the TA?

  14. My view on the matter - if it's a war we all go, end of story. The ability to appeal disappears and traditionally that is why the TA existed.

    However, these days the Army wishes to use some TA bods in peacetime. In peacetime the system currently plans to take soldiers whose personal circumstances allow and whose employers are onside. The system does not want soldiers whose personal circumstances turn into an admin vortex within five minutes of arrival at Chilwell, nor does it want to annoy employers. Hence to work properly the system requires soldiers who have personal problems and employers who have issues to appeal. Indeed, if the CoC operates as currently directed it should not be putting forward soldiers for mobilisation who appeal or whose employers appeal.

    Put another way, getting Pte Bloggs on a tour may fill a gap for six months but make him leave afterwards. That's one more hole in the orbat to recruit for and one more pissed off ex-TA squaddie to tell his mates down the pub how the Army screwed him over. If we are stretched so thinly that there really is no alternative to Pte Bloggs then it's not bloody peacetime is it ?

    Chuntering on about how we should never appeal sounds warry and dead ally down the bar but we're not at war. Personally I do not want a soldier next to me who can't concentrate on the job because his wife's sent him the divorce papers and work have told him not to bother returning.
  15. I walks into my plt sgt's office where my plt com'r was also seated

    "Alright Jay, you alright for Iraq?"


    4 weeks later I got a brown envelope......So I guess technically I volunteered :lol: