Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tommo16, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. Hi all,

    I am thinking off voluntering for moblisation in iraq/Afghan/Bosnia/Kosovo. If i did volunteer, how much would i pick up at the end of the month?

    I am a class 2 private Supply Spec, and obvioulsy know about daily rates, but how does it work out. For example

    A) Danger money if applicable - no wise cracks please
    B) Seperation allowance
    C) Child seperation(As above??)
    D) Any form of other benefits etc etc i can put in for??

    I am not worried so much about the money,but need to leave wife and child not worried if i do volunteer. Please helpful advice lads and lasses. Anyone assist??
  2. Why don't you ask your PSAO or your RAO? That's what they are there for.
  3. What's this forum here for then?
  4. Try posting this on the RHQ forum, you might get a better response there.
  5. No worries play it be ear cheers anyway.

  6. Do you really expect me to answer that pointless retort?

    Tommo, speak to your PSAO. He really is best placed to answer any questions you might have about your mobilisation and benefits etc. Half an hour with him will save you countless threads, questions and time on here!
  7. Given your family situation, I'd suggest that you make LOTS of enquiries (and get the answers in writing) and think hard before you volunteer. If compulsorily mobilised, hardship allowances kick in to ensure that your family doesn't starve while you're away. You probably won't make a profit out of it. Your job will be "protected", though you should read some of the earlier topics to judge how effective this promise is. If you volunteer, I suspect that you won't be entitled to hardship allowances, nor will you accrue some of the benefits that the Regulars enjoy. Nor will you have any job protection. (If things have changed for the better, someone please correct me).

    Volunteering for Ops needs to be done because you want to do it, not in the hope of a financial benefit. On the other hand, you also need to consider your responsibilities. It's not an easy choice.

    If you decide that you really want to go, it may be an idea to drop unambiguous hints that you would have no objection to being compulsorily mobilised (but not in writing).
  8. Cheers Putees for the response much appreciated. Sky monkey cheers for fcuck all. My PSI is away on leave and i work nights this month so no real time to call anyway(12- 15 hours shifts). I will give it a bit of thought but probably better to be compulsary mobilisased financially. Peed of with civvy job and missus getting on me tits!!

    Not doing it for the money just a tour under the belt as they say. But again thanks for the decent comments. Will call Psi next week when hes back!

  9. Although your PSAO will be able to quote numbers and rules (and they will be important to you), he's probably not the best person to get advice from as this will probably be beyond his personal experience. You need to speak to someone who has been there and got the T-shirt (and found out which rules don't actually apply or which goal-posts move). Just keep hoping that you get a serious reply to your post from someone who knows.
  11. You can "volunteer" to be Compulsory mobilised however you risk loosing your job ie i mentioned verbally to spsi i would go and suprise suprise i got the brown envelope - work see a compulsory mobilisation doc.

    If you love your job I would'nt risk it - i dont so boll$ck$ to it!
  12. Are you saying you may loose it if they find out you asked to go??????

    How would they find out?

    My situation is the my area is transfering to another country soon and my company are slowly transfering people to other departments. I will have to wait doing my current job until the above happens....

    What I thought is that I could go on tour which would mean instead of waiting years for a new role in the company and maybe be left without something, I could come back and they would have to give me a position in the new area?
  13. In a way I have heard of people loosing their jobs, however your right if they dont find out then its a ok

    My work are very nice to me anyhow so they are saving my job for me

    You could go and be ok or not - all depends on your work i suppose really
  14. Still confused????

    I thought that if you were complusorly mobilised then your work could not get rid of you and had to offer you a job on your return?

    If you asked to go "FTRS" then yep it's no job security....
  15. Gentlemen,

    I have had vast experience of dealing with mobilisation over the last couple of years.

    There is no such thing as volunteering for mobilisation. You may well let your Unit know that you are a volunteer, but you will be called out, by APC Glasgow for 'Compulsury Mobilisation'. This will entitle you to the following:

    Job security, i.e your employer must be in the position to offer you your old job back when you are demobilised.

    Hardship allowance, If you are in employment and your civilian earnings are greater than that of your Mil pay, then the government will make up the difference.

    However, if you're employer feels that you are too much of an assett to the bhusiness and can't afford to lose you, then they are entitled to revoke your call up. In the present climate they will probably be successful. If you are in any doubt that your employer will not like the idea of you being mobilised, then do not pre warn them - you do not have to. You only have to inform them, once the Call-Out papers have arrived. You should then tell them that it is as much a shock for you and your family as it is for them.

    With refernce to claims and allowances, you will be fully briefed on this when you attend RTMC. You will not be any worse off by being mobilised, in fact you are likely to be better off as, firstly you will recieve allowances such as LSSA and secondly, you should be spending bugger all when on Ops, so your other half will have to do less food shopping, therefore will be able to do double the shopping on herself, with double the money!

    The only individuals that volunteer for Ops is those that go on FTRS contracts. These are individuals that habe already served over 365 days within 3 years. They have to leave there employment, do not recieve any employer protection (i.e they are jobless on return), they do not recieve the hardship allowance and they are paid by the Army for the job they are doing and nothing more - just like a Reg soldier!

    In closing, the Government/Army is not looking to do you out of money, it is not in their interest. We need to keep members of the Reserve Forces and their employers on side, so we can utilise you again. However, I will mention that you should not expect any preferential treatment because you are in the TA. You will be taken into service as a Reg Officer/Soldier and you should expect to be treated like one.

    Any concerns, please feel free to PM me.