Mobilisation while on holiday

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by JustBeTheGreyMan, Oct 21, 2010.

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  1. I have found out that I am going to be mobilised for Herrick, but unfortunately the date I am supposed to be going to Chillwell I am out of the country on holiday and dont get back to that evening. Does anyone know if the Army will refund me the cost of changing my flights back to England?
  2. No is the simple answer.

    However they may postpone the mobilisation if you inform them now, no guarantees though as normally slots at Chilwell are filled.

    When did you find out the dates for Chillwell, for example our guys have know dates for months now but just not if they are on the list to go.
  3. We still havent got def dates, but told early Jan and I know that Chilwell first intake in Jan is on 10th....
  4. Holiday insurance is the only way to recoup any costs, this has happened alot with people I know.

    Are you covered through bank accounts or other insurance? It may pay to check the fine print on your holiday docs.

    Can you do Chillwell early? Have a chat with your PSI.
  5. Havent booked travel insurance yet, but then again I havent got offical notice of call out yet..... :)

    Do you know anyone who sucessfully claimed on there holiday insurance, we will not have travelled when the call out papers come through so would hope they wouldnt force us to cancel but pay for the change in the flight home....
  6. You may be coverewd under Refund of Nugatory Holiday Expenses - speak to your RAO.
  7. You might not be able to claim on travel insurance even if you have not had you call up paperwork fall on your door mat, this is because you have been 'warned for operations'!

  8. Most Travel Agents will refund monies for members of HM Armed mobilized for operations, Have you asked? In my experience they simply need a copy of the call-out letter.