Mobilisation vs FTRS

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by danielsan, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. Hello all, Im currently mobilised, biffed and not likely to be demobbed much before May08(that will make about 20 months in green(light brown even)). Im looking to re-mob again in Sep/Oct 08 for Op Tosca. Uninformed opinion suggests I will have to re-mobilise via FTRS as will have been in too long.

    Anybody know definitively what I will have to do or has this happened to you?

    Any help would be very .......helpful. :roll:
  2. This probably won't help, but I was told the mob process for OP TOSCA starts in August. Maybe you wouldn't have to go through the sausage machine again, given you had just finished a tour.
  3. Sorry! fat fingers and a shaky hand caused me to enter the same message twice.
  4. Dust!?...........Anybody!?............Dust!?................Anybody!? :silent:
  5. If you've done 11.5 months or more mobilised service in one go and then de-mob then you can't be mobilised again for 3 or 5 years (depending what type of tour you've just done) - so if you want to go on TOSCA you will more than likely have to do it as an operational FTRS.
  6. Correct. The law says you cannot be mobilised for three years from your initial Chilwell reporting date, but the government will try to keep it to five years without being mobilised.

    However, I was under the impression (as someone in my unit did it), that if you volunteer to be called up within that 3-5 year gap you essentially lose all rights and so they will mobilise you.

    Also bear in mind that if you go FTRS you don't have any say if your employer sacks you (having said that I am assuming you are "in between jobs" as you can afford to do back to back tours) and they do not pay into a pension scheme (whether the MoD's or your own).

    Danielsan - I will be the mug who asks, if you want to do tour after tour, why not join the regs?

    edited to add:
    You could ring up Glasgow, they will give you the definite yes or no. Or as you are on tour, get the Chief Clerk to find out for you.
  7. posh jock is correct
  8. danielsan if your biffed your obviously Alamein still attending Chilwell anyway so do the asking there, they'll square you away
  9. I was in similar situation end of '06. Only way I could have gone overseas would have been FTRS. It's the old one year in three thing. I'm still now not able to mob till end of next year.

  10. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    In the small print of the Armed Forces Act last year was a change to the Reserve Froces act, allowing Reservists to waive their rights to be called up only for 1 in 3 or whatever (depending on which Section they were called up under - see RFA for details).

    This will come into force shortly, thus allowing you to be mobilised again 'properly' rather than go down the FTRS route.

    As soon as I hear more, I will post it.

    Oh, and this earlier statement: "However, I was under the impression (as someone in my unit did it), that if you volunteer to be called up within that 3-5 year gap you essentially lose all rights and so they will mobilise you." Is, currently, incorrect. Until the change in the RFA comes into effect you cannot volunteer to be mobilised again - as you simply cannot be mobilised again in that time - it's against the law.

    Mind you, that didn't stop the Army doing it a few times - illegally - before this was pointed out to them, hence the change in ther law...
  11. Cheers genitalmen, thanks for your info. Yes was part of Alamein Coy, sporran - were you.

    I would love to join the regs but that wouldnt be fair on t'wife so Im hoping to do Tosca and then Herrick attached to 7 Scots again if they will have me. After that I may grow up and get a proper job :D and let the TA become a hobby again.